Starbucks customer shoots the dogshit out of a man assaulting a clerk

MILLCREEK — Shelby Hamilton’s first thought as she lay bruised and bleeding on the ground of a Millcreek Starbucks was that she didn’t want to die this way. It would be a painful way to go.

It all began while Hamilton was working an early morning shift at the coffee shop near 3900 South and 900 East Thursday morning. Hamilton was standing behind the counter when a “haggard-looking” man entered, she said.

Instead of coming to the register to order, the man came behind the counter and asked Hamilton if she knew who he was. When she replied that she didn’t, he became angry and began beating her with his fists, she said.


Check out the part where her co-workers sat there and watched, then ran screaming from the shop.
What a bunch of fucking pussies. It’s a good thing for her that the shooter didn’t pay any attention to the wishes of the president of Starbucks concerning guns in the shop.

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15 Responses to Starbucks customer shoots the dogshit out of a man assaulting a clerk

  1. whynot says:

    My honest thought? I just hoped that he was dead,” she said.

    just became a Republican………..

  2. Skipperdaddy says:

    Yeah, I have a to go Latte Dickfoam for a “Dead Motherfucker”, Dead mother fucker your order is ready.

  3. nonncom says:

    And another happy ending thanks to a concealed weapon carrier….

  4. 1980XLS says:

    I would not buy any coffee or food from here either.
    Who wood hire somebody with all those piercing for a food service job dealing directly with customers?

    • 1980XLS says:

      from her either
      Who would hire somebody with all those piercings for a food service job dealing directly with customers?

  5. Jack58 says:

    Double-tap, Dude, Double-tap and while he’s standing for that brief millisecond wondering what just happened to HIS narrative of the world – put one right between his fucking horns..

    • cap'n fast says:

      double tap and one head shot because he still felt threatened and it was muscle memory because that is how he trained at every opportunity he could.
      It’s like the PD trains the rookies to empty the magazine into the threat and then reload and check to find if the threat is still active. works for me.
      remember the four rules of social survival” polite observant aware
      4.have a plan to kill everyone around you

      • H says:

        Thomas Sowell, the black conservative columnist now unfortunately retired, once wrote that the rule for defensive use of the pistol is, you shoot until it looks safe to stop.

        One shot probably wouldn’t look safe enough for me if I’d have seen some crazy acting guy beating the crap out of a woman and then coming after me, especially if I was twice his age.

        And if I was her, I’d be giving my co-workers hell for running off and doing nothing to help. Despicable.

        • Wirecutter says:

          That’s why you should always include double taps in your practice. It’s not that hard to master and it might save your life some day.

  6. Brian Bell says:

    Another story you won’t hear in the news.

  7. rob says:

    “Police believe Overall may have mental health issues…”

    That’s top-drawer police work right there.

  8. truthzzzz says:

    Starbucks ‘… and we are grateful local authorities were there to help.”
    – Starbucks spokesperson

    Th real local authority was there. The local citizen. The person from who all authority flows to government. And that local citizen’s authority is a grant from God.
    I wonder if the Starbucks spokesperson meant that?

    • enn ess says:

      Right you are, from whence all authority and rights come, granted from God to all individuals, and their ability and duty to protect themselves and others precedes the 2nd. In precedence parlance, my right from God to protect and defend myself and others, trumps your precedence to control the means.

  9. Mike says:

    I have no doubt the perp has been nuts for a long time and has had numerous ‘contacts’ with the police. Thank the federal judges for emptying the asylums a few decades ago and making it damn near impossible to incarcerate the incurably insane, it’s why the nuts roam the streets across America causing problems day after day.

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