Stylish as hell

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  1. crow says:

    I can just imagine that silly bitch primping in front of the mirror.

  2. grayjohn says:

    What is that? What the FUCK is THAT?!

  3. Rmb says:

    Wasn’t he among those people protesting against Kavanaugh?

  4. brighteyes says:

    If this moron ever has grand children what’s he going to tell them? Back in the day when I was a young man we used to dress up like lil girls and go shopping. Such fun. Whadda puke.

  5. Nemo says:

    Can you imagine this douche canoe showing up for a job interview at your company? I’d have laughed him right out the door. Thankfully, given today’s mandated by law equality environment at the workplace, I don’t have to make those kinds of decisions any more. I’d probably be sued into oblivion, not to mention losing my job.

    Anyone know what the center spike gelled hair do signifies? Looks sort of like an imitation cock’s comb to me. Some gay signalling device?

    • brighteyes says:

      Man do I ever know what you mean. I retired about six years ago and the last twenty I never sat in my office alone with a women. I always interviewed with a team and when ever a women was in my office my Administrative Assistant, a women, was with me. I had one women a Licensed Clinical Social Worker show up for an interview with her tits literally hanging out and she could not sit without her panties showing. About an hour after the interview I received a call from her and she said, “I didn’t realize it was a team interview, I thought it would just be you and me.” Right….. She did not get the job the minute I saw her walk into my clinic and realized she was the applicant and not a client. However and as you said, I had to go through with the interview. She raised hell with my supervisor that she felt she deserved the position and that I was being unfair. Stuff like that happened a lot and retiring was such a great relief. Imagine what she would have said had we been alone behind closed doors. I don’t even want to think about it.

    • Djamer says:

      It “signifies” complete removal of “survival of the fittest” from the “human continuing existence” equation, and that is our entire problem. . .

  6. TEXASLEGAL says:

    “Fifth Element”

  7. Bob Reavis says:

    I gotta hundred dollars says he votes Democrat.. .

  8. WoodBurner says:

    I’m going with a cry for help.

  9. Stevie says:

    Look at that stoical stare of confidence….heh…kidding.

  10. ignore amos says:

    He’s only got 40 watts lighting up those eyes. Dim bulb.

  11. skybill says:

    Hi Kenny,
    The only “Points” I can give is for the “Handle bar Moustache!!” But the Bitch, b a Bitch an’ he ain’t no PIRATE!!! So, hang da bitch from the highest yardarm an’ throw his dead carcass to the sharks!! AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!! Matie!!

    From when I sailed the Pacific from Sandyeggo to Auckland to Amchitka to Da Nang!!! oh yes, we had to stop in Pearl so the “Old Man” could go to the “O” Club and have a few drinks with his buddies before we had to trek on!!!

    SHELL BACK 27SEP1968 out of Singapore… USS PRINCETON LPH-5

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