That’ll be a story to tell the kid

From relay races to alligator-assisted reveals, gender reveal parties have gone too far, but one couple seems to have taken the cake after their party took a dangerous turn.

According to the Daily Beast, an off-duty border patrol agent accidentally started a 47,000 acre wildfire during a gender reveal party hosted by him and his wife. The Arizona Daily Star reports that Dennis Dickey received a $220,000 fine and pleaded guilty to the charge of “causing a fire without a permit” in the April 2017 Sawmill Fire in Arizona.

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7 Responses to That’ll be a story to tell the kid

  1. Daryl says:

    When both my kids were born I called Mom and Pop from the hospital and said ”It’s a boy, or it’s a girl”. We didn’t need gender reveal partys to keep the attention on us.

    • the other jack says:

      generation exhibitionism — where everything is a spectacle. thanks facebook/CIA.

      these kids cannot fathom the idea of having a great day then simply going home and going to bed. they cant do anything without telling the whole f-ing world about it, and framing it as the Most Amazing Thing Ever.

      they are living their lives for others and missing the plot. its sad, really.

  2. bttlestop says:

    It was a windy, dry day – with extreme fire danger warnings throughout the area. Initially, it was reported that he was target shooting. (there is not a firing range in the area he was shooting)

    • Sanders says:

      You don’t need to be on a firing range to shoot on public lands. Just have to use common sense, be sure of your target and backstop, and make sure you don’t do anything that will start a range fire.

      I have an ammo can full of 7.62×51 tracers that I won’t shoot because of the fire danger they can create. I tried one round into a dirt berm. It hopped over the berm and started a tuft of grass on fire on the other side. I stomped the fire out and put the tracers away.

  3. bradoplata says:

    They do those all the time here. Good excuse to have a party/family gathering.

  4. Griffin says:

    Read the links to Cosmopolitan!
    Obviously the new dad was using Tannerite..typical libtard hit piece. Had enough he’s Border Patrol!
    Had it been a gay couple launching sky candles we never would have heard of it.

  5. California southpaw. says:

    Gender reveal party. I guess any excuse to party is ok.

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