Tuesday gifdump

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  1. Brian Bell says:

    Spinning Hellfires up, I remember that, on warriors they are sitting right next to the Pilot seats so you can actually see them go through their self tests. Oh and I need to meet that young lady downing that Pint.

  2. ChuckN says:

    Ugh, bicycles. I can hear hear my DI’s voice now…

  3. cap't fast says:

    retrievers, golden or otherwise, are the definition of joy…

  4. RebPirate says:

    GIF #6: The mattresses sliding in what looks to be an Air Force barracks. Why would I conclude AF?
    1 Width of the passageway
    2 Distance between doors (big rooms)
    3 HELMETS!

    • cap't fast says:

      not AF, because we used beer instead of mattresses, severe glass wax on the floor and with enough beer on board the helmets were redundant. .

  5. PaddyO' says:

    News girl is lucky she didn’t get her fingers sliced open.

  6. Timbotoo says:

    Looks like the genius who was driving under the long load disconnected something fairly important controlling the back wheel unit of the truck.

  7. Nemo says:

    Anyone know what the molten metal flowing into water is about? Is that process used to make specific shapes like balls of the metal? I looked at couple of amateur vids, but didn’t get an answer to my question.

  8. Andy says:

    Wheelchair crossfit. No excuses. Period.

  9. Daryl says:

    Is that Louis climbing up the first one?

  10. Snog says:

    I love the gun and that bloody well done rivet. Yes I’m weird

  11. Johno says:

    He may have dropped a couple practice glasses, but that is a good dog balancing the glass of water on it’s head. Anyone know the breed?

  12. Richard Watson says:

    The girl on the escalator made me laugh out loud. At least she hung on to her purse.

  13. spiffy says:

    Nemo- that is rock- melted to simulate lava-dribbled into water to investigate interaction.

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