With the Kavanaugh Fight, Political Warfare Escalates

Scorched earth. That’s the tactic the Democrats and their enablers in the media and George Soros-funded hit squads are employing against Brett Kavanaugh. We all know it. We all experienced that sharp intake of breath when it was first reported that Dianne Feinstein had a letter from some anonymous female accusing Kavanaugh of having engaged in sexual misconduct with her when he was in high school. Depending on your estimate of Judge Kavanaugh’s character, you focused either on “sexual misconduct” (“Now we’ve got ’em matey!”) or on “high school” (“Really? You’re going after a guy with a sterling record because he may have hit on a girl at a party in high school?”)

I belong firmly in the latter camp. But of course that was just the beginning of an extraordinary, and orchestrated (I want to emphasize that) effort to destroy a man of exceptional ability and exceptional integrity.

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  1. nwoldude says:

    I was shocked, shocked right from the beginning.

  2. Kenny the Scot says:

    My friends, I must tell you that a Socialist policy is abhorrent to the British ideas of freedom. Although it is now put forward in the main by people who have a good grounding in the Liberalism and Radicalism of the early part of this century, there can be no doubt that Socialism is inseparably interwoven with Totalitarianism and the abject worship of the State. It is not alone that property, in all its forms, is struck at, but that liberty, in all its forms, is challenged by the fundamental conceptions of Socialism.

    Look how even to-day they hunger for controls of every kind, as if these were delectable foods instead of war-time inflictions and monstrosities. There is to be one State to which all are to be obedient in every act of their lives. This State is to be the arch-employer, the arch-planner, the arch-administrator and ruler, and the archcaucus boss.

    How is an ordinary citizen or subject of the King to stand up against this formidable machine, which, once it is in power, will prescribe for every one of them where they are to work; what they are to work at; where they may go and what they may say; what views they are to hold and within what limits they may express them; where their wives are to go to queue-up for the State ration; and what education their children are to receive to mould their views of human liberty and conduct in the future?

    A Socialist State once thoroughly completed in all its details and its aspects – and that is what I am speaking of – could not afford to suffer opposition. […] Socialism is, in its essence, an attack not only upon British enterprise, but upon the right of the ordinary man or woman to breathe freely without having a harsh, clumsy, tyrannical hand clapped across their mouths and nostrils. A Free Parliament – look at that – a Free Parliament is odious to the Socialist doctrinaire.

    But I will go farther. I declare to you, from the bottom of my heart, that no Socialist system can be established without a political police. Many of those who are advocating Socialism or voting Socialist to-day will be horrified at this idea. That is because they are short-sighted, that is because they do not see where their theories are leading them.

    No Socialist Government conducting the entire life and industry of the country could afford to allow free, sharp, or violently-worded expressions of public discontent. They would have to fall back on some form of Gestapo, no doubt very humanely directed in the first instance. And this would nip opinion in the bud; it would stop criticism as it reared its head, and it would gather all the power to the supreme party and the party leaders, rising like stately pinnacles above their vast bureaucracies of Civil servants, no longer servants and no longer civil. And where would the ordinary simple folk – the common people, as they like to call them in America – where would they be, once this mighty organism had got them in its grip?

    I stand for the sovereign freedom of the individual within the laws which freely elected Parliaments have freely passed. I stand for the rights of the ordinary man to say what he thinks of the Government of the day, however powerful, and to turn them out, neck and crop, if he thinks he can better his temper or his home thereby, and if he can persuade enough others to vote with him.

    Winston Churchill, 1945

  3. Kenny the Scot says:

    From an outsider’s perspective, it seem to me that these amoral power-hungry beasts are trying to destroy this individual using the most flimsy allegation imaginable pour encourager les autres.

    And on a deeper level, they are destroying because they cannot create. Their imaginary dream-world cannot logically exist – Isaiah Berlin described the dream that all cultures and values are in some mysterious way compatible as a “metaphysical chimera”.

    That does not stop these falsely named “liberals” from striving to bring that dream-world about. With every failure, they try harder, find someone else to blame (rather than accept that their dream-world can never exist) and lash out in anger. Or to be more accurate – hatred.

    For these true believers regard their dream-world to be the final solution to the question of how people are to live here on earth. And as Berlin explained time and again in his writing – people who believe in a metaphysical chimera have shown time and again that they will go to any lengths to destroy anyone in their way, as they engage in the very definition of insanity – try over and over again to create their dreamworld, hoping that this time … this time … if all the bad people are dead … their utopian dreams will become real, here on earth.

    The people who are out to do an “Admiral Byng” on this guy are no better than Vasily Blokhin and his comrades in the NKVD.

  4. JC says:

    Found on the web

    So let me get this straight. Sen. Feinstein has a Chinese Spy working on her staff for decades & Debbie Wasserman Schultz hires a Pakistani intelligence agent who hacks the House of Representatives computers and we are talking about whether Kavanaugh had too many beers in college? WTF.

  5. Jimmy the Saint says:

    And the GOP did its best Washington General impression and played right into the obvious trap, once again proving that “The Right Won’t Fight”

  6. Nemo says:

    There has to be a lot of us, a lot of someones besides me, writing, writing, writing to your congress critters and Senators and House and Senate leadership, telling them in plain language to shit or get off the pot. I did just that over the weekend with Mitch McConnell telling him he’s a spineless leader with no balls.

    I’m not claiming cause and effect here, but I did notice in his speeches Monday and today that he’s jumping on the Dim’s with some emotion, instead of his usually boring, staid addresses that accomplish nothing.

    I had actually written a 2500 word message, but, unfortunately his Senate site only accepts messages of 2500 characters or less as do some others.

    You all remember several years ago, well before the latest hurricane disaster, when the Senate voted to bail out Puerto Rico, YET AGAIN. I wrote a letter to one my of Senators reminding her that she had campaigned on a promise of NO MORE BAILOUTS. Bitch BLOCKED ME from writing to her further. so, there can be consequences for too strongly worded communications. I contemplated going to the local press with this, but decided that it would be fruitless, since, like most newspapers in this country, the Publisher and Editorial Board are far left wing moonbats who would only try to make political capital out that kind of story, since the Senator was a Republican, instead of just reporting the facts and perhaps following up with some pointed questions to the elected official.

    My point here is that besides posting complaints and observations on the political process here and on other sites, we need to start and keep calling these lowlifes out for not doing their jobs and not representing the electorate, in addition to voting in every election, no matter the outcome.

    Gentlemen, It’s either the ballot box or the bullet box. The time for the latter is not here yet, but it’s breathing down our necks and it won’t be pretty once it starts.

    • Lineman says:

      Or we could do the really smart thing and be building Communities so we could actually govern ourselves but that would actually require something more than writing letters complaining to those who don’t care about the peasants or complaining online….

  7. SAM says:

    He must be a bad one, after all 30 something years ago he may have got drunk TWICE!

  8. rick says:

    It is confirmed that justice Stephen Beyer was arrested for underaged drinking.

    NOTE: this information is blocked on google but shows multiple sites on duckduckgo.

    • Hybo says:

      I use duckduckgo consistently, no more google for me. I urge all of you to do the same. They do NOT keep track of your searches.

      • Westcoastdeplorable says:

        neither does startpage.com And stay away from Chrome as a browser. Use Firefox instead.

  9. bradoplata says:

    Guy drinks and gets in bar fights. He’s one of us!

  10. Ogrrre says:

    What the Commurats always fail to consider is that now they’ve gone down this road, they have no right to object if the Republicans do the same to them. They failed to consider what would happen when Dingy Harry Reid changed the filibuster rules to get his way. There are many other examples that can be examined if you are of a mind to.

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