Your Friday Afternoon Florida Report

Florida survivors of Hurricane Michael who want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage after a day of dealing with the aftermath and no power may be out of luck.

Officials in Bay and Gulf counties have banned the sale and distribution of alcohol until the state of emergency is over — except for residents of Panama City, whose leaders voted Thursday to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m., according to


Banning the sale of a legal product? Seriously?
One more reason to add alcohol to your preps.

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6 Responses to Your Friday Afternoon Florida Report

  1. crazyeighter says:

    Or as W.C. Fields is reputed to have said when admonished about his liquor stash, “Yes I know Prohibition has been repealed, but it might come back.”

  2. Rick says:

    I stock up before hurricane season, fool me once.

  3. I tried that, but gradually drank up my stash… on Sundays.

  4. pigpen51 says:

    I truly do not understand how a law enforcement officer, in this case a sheriff, can have the power to put a ban like this in place. But I do know that if a guy had a truck, filled with ice and cans of beer, he could more than double his money, in a heartbeat.
    Why no, officer, I am not selling beer. I just am renting out space in the back of my truck for people to store their beer in, to keep it cold, since there is no power to run their refrigerator.
    Here in Michigan, sheriff is an elected position. That guy would not win another election. Even for people like myself, who has not had a drink of alcohol yet this year, doesn’t like being told that I cannot buy a six pack if I want to.
    Last year, I think I bought a 6 pack of beer at the beginning of summer and in the fall, my wife dumped out the last couple of beers so she could take the cans out of the fridge, and take them back to the store for the 10 cent deposit.

  5. Dan Gwaltney says:

    The ban wouldn’t have mattered since no stores were open for a few days anyway. I live in Gadsden County Florida and we got our ass kicked by Michael. A 10pm to 6am curfew is still in effect here, as in all of the affected counties. You can’t even be on the road at night. I had several cases of beer on hand and a freezer full of ice jugs. If you didn’t do that, you were at serious risk of sobriety. I got power back at the house after 10 days but my well is still on generator. My stepson brought 2 generators over from Jacksonville as soon as the roads were open. We are wounded but still kicking! :)

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