Your Monday Morning Florida News

A small dog was killed late Saturday night after a man with a pellet rifle shot him in the face from a second story balcony in Davie, police say.

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11 Responses to Your Monday Morning Florida News

  1. Bkhuna says:

    75% of those living in Florida aren’t from Florida. We need a wall.

    • Pappy says:

      So true… everytime someone complains to me about how people here driveI tell them it is because there is nearly no one here that is from here and that happiness is a thousand New Yorkers heading north on I75 with a Canadian under each arm…

  2. SgtBob says:

    Good grief! It took two people to write one of the worst newspaper stories ever. How was Rochelle Pearson “holding her small brown and white dog, an off-duty Pembroke Pines police officer and the officer’s brother”? And, the officer “saw two guys.” The officer then “did the math.” What math? “…he told cops.” Since when are police referred to as “cops” in print? The two reporters and whoever edits copy at the Herald needs to look at the AP style book. These people get paid to write stuff like that?

    • MT says:

      Used to be difficult to find spelling & grammar errors in the written word. Now it’s commonplace. Easy to blame on our education system. However, the implications are chilling. Parallels the breakdown of society. Been watching it happen since the ’60’s.

    • Bkhuna says:

      Undoubtedly, the reporter is a liberal arts major from a yankee college and is still waiting for that big opening at Starbucks to open up.

  3. nonncom says:

    Punishment?….Death from a thousand pellet shots….

  4. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    As punishment the fuck should be shot in HIS face with a pellet gun…..several times.

  5. CC says:

    We had a .17 pellet removed from our little rescue-he was lucky the rib stopped it.
    Sweetest little mutt in the world; no possible justification for it.
    I’d hang the motherfucker from his own balcony, no muss, no fuss.

  6. Jack58 says:

    I’d kill a motherfucker..

    • Butch says:

      Maybe not…after you found out your little Precious has been running with a local pack of dogs from the neighborhood killing sheep over in the next pasture. That shit happens, and when it does, you are the one at fault for letting your dog run loose all night and kill other people’s animals. You should be put down with your worthless POS dog. And then buried in the same hogshit lagoon.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Try reading the story next time before you comment. A couple were walking their daughter’s dog in the city when the asshole started shooting that pellet rifle at the dog.
        They were walking the dog. In the city. The animal was under their control. Get it?

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