Buh-bye, Eddie

A Tennessee man who was convicted of a 1980s double murder grimaced, waved goodbye and said ‘let’s rock’ just moments before he was executed in an electric chair.

Edmund Zagorski, 63, was electrocuted at a maximum-security prison in Nashville on Thursday night after his last meal request of pickled pig knuckles and pig tails.

Zagorski’s official time of death was 7.26pm.

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5 Responses to Buh-bye, Eddie

  1. WDS says:

    I feel bad for the good folks of TN that were tortured by having to house and feed this POS for 30+ years.

  2. Antibubba says:

    Gotta give him credit for not dragging it out.

    • MMinLamesa says:

      I’d call 34 years on death row, dragging it out.

      Killed 2 dudes over some reefer? Real bad ass.

    • Winston Smith says:

      Site told me I was posting too quickly and didn’t pass along my response here earlier today.

      The pos asked for electrocution, waited a few days, then had his lawyer file that electrocution was inhumane and he should be taken off death row. POS did it on purpose. And that don’t count the decades the families have waited for closure.
      I say if you cant execute someone within a year, they should go free. And fuck all these technicality appeals. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much scum walking the earth and sucking up all my oxygen as it is.

  3. rayvet says:

    And not a fuck was given. Well, except for the liberals who will say this is unfair, cruel and unusual punishment yada yada yada as they’re sticking the coat hanger up the hole to “take care of this problem”.

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