A newlywed couple was killed late Saturday in a helicopter crash in Texas — shortly after the pair got married.

Will Byler, of Bellville, and Bailee Ackerman, of Orangefield, were killed “as they flew off in the family helicopter” as they left their fairytale wedding, a family friend wrote in a Facebook post. The pilot also reportedly died.

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6 Responses to Damn…

  1. whynot says:

    It doesn’t list the time of day, but my first thought is a VFR (visual flight rule) pilot in a IFR (instrument flight rule) environment, i.e getting dark……..

  2. Aaron Yetter says:

    2 million parts flying in a loose unstable formation designed to kill the pilot and passengers from the day it left the factory

  3. Jimmy the Saint says:

    Well, technically they did live happily ever after….

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