DC police – harassment’s fine as long as they don’t get violent

Concerning the antifa mob that surrounded Tucker Carlson’s house last night:

Police officers in the area responded to the 911 call when the mob formed and have told the Post that they will increase their presence in the area in case the group returns.

“We’re going to keep an eye on the block and the area because of the earlier disturbance to make sure that nothing escalates,” Lt. Jon Pongratz of the D.C. police told the Post. “We wanted to make sure that it stayed safe … in case they do come back.”

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3 Responses to DC police – harassment’s fine as long as they don’t get violent

  1. Brian Bell says:

    Grazing fire to break up the mobs then use sniper teams to pick off the ones that are actually dedicated to causing trouble.

    • ChuckN says:

      Was that ‘dedicated to causing trouble’ or ‘standing by and allowing it to happen after saying harassment is okay’.

  2. al says:

    Screw that, suppressed 22 semi auto, 100 round mags with 8 more at the ready topped with thermal scope start with the dummies in the back of the pack so the others don’t spook to soon, be better with 2 or 3 shooters in crossing fire, should be able to to thin the herd considerable, be better if none escaped but must be realist a few will beat the odds. Can you imagine the constrantion that would create! Butts would pucker from sea to sea! Now this is just the mussings of a busted up old fart, I would never condone or encourage that sort of behavior. Just makes for a nice fantacy is all, reality is the antifa crowd will kill and maim and the po lice will be unable to find a clue as to who done it and so it will go….good night america it was nice while it lasted.

Play nice.