Florida politics are almost as bad as Chicago politics

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is angry. He has reason to be.

Counties must report early voting and mail ballot voting within 30 minutes of polls closing, according to Florida state law, Rubio complained on Twitter Thursday. But Broward County has not reported those votes or the number of votes left to be counted, more than 40 hours after the polling station closed on Election Day.

Republicans should be worried, and it isn’t just because Broward County is a Democratic stronghold that could tip the results of the still-contested races for Senate and even perhaps governor. It is because Broward County has a history of destroying ballots and skewing races.

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14 Responses to Florida politics are almost as bad as Chicago politics

  1. BlackPilled says:

    The exact same shit happened in NC in 2016. If the race is close enough, you can steal it by cooking the tally in one or two precincts. Why the GOP allows this fraud is the real question.

  2. Just wrote and erased what I really feel…

    After January, no new laws will be passed by the new Congress that will curtail Democratic cheating. The time to do something is now.

  3. Weredragon says:

    Everyone in Florida needs to show up with pitchforks and torches, time to drain the swamp

  4. CC says:

    How about making it simple: ballots that don’t make the deadline don’t get counted.

  5. formwiz says:

    It’s going on all over the country.

    The Demos’ blue wave flopped, so now they’re going to steal it nationwide.

  6. Miguel says:

    Broward county managed to create not one, not two but three recounts out of suspicions ballots. Senate, Governor and Agricultural commissioner (Who is in charge of the Concealed Weapons Permits) had gone Red but suddenly enough Blue votes appeared to trigger the recounts.
    The Democrat’s excuse is that they got 600K ballots and that takes time to count. Miami-Dade county had well 850K votes and somehow managed to count on time.

    We are having a soft coup in Florida

    • When they do recounts in my county, they stop counting when the democrat has enough. They don’t count the whole ballot…just enough to get what they want.

  7. tallow pot says:

    Irregularities have been happening for the last couple of election cycles, all over the country. That’s how Washington got Gregoire for governor and Minnesota got Franken for senator. How many others? I’m thinking election fraud should be a capital offence.

    • Elmo says:

      And this is brought to you by the same crowd that has their knickers in a twist about voters being disenfranchised.

  8. rayvet says:

    I’ve been saying this for a long term but I’ll say it again here. Ever since the acceptance of “early voting” being the norm and the used more commonly now absentee and provisional ballets, it seems the lefties get more and more votes. These voting methods should be abandoned. If you can’t get your sorry ass to the polls on that one Tuesday, then too bad, so sad you don’t vote. Most of the black and minority voters really don’t take enough interest in politics to be “bothered” by taking time during a specific day to go vote. But if you make an event, say free car rides from Hollyweird idiots, or financial incentives from George Soros etc. then all of a sudden everyone want to do their civic duty. Pathetic. I suggest we go back to only land owners being allowed to vote in this country. Right away, there’ll be a huge red wave that the left wouldn’t be able to compete against.

    • Sanders says:

      I agree with you 100 percent.

      Voter ID should be required everywhere, presented and scanned before the ballot is even printed for the cardholder. That ID card should be just as difficult to get as a passport – where you have to show proof of citizenship. None of that “motor-voter” crap.

      No early voting. There is too much room for hijinx there. If you want an absentee ballot, because you are working out of state, a shut-in, or in the military, then you should have to submit a notarized request for one, and it must be postmarked no later than election day.

      This is American’s birthright that is being treated as if it is a big joke. It has been stolen away from us as Citizens by fraud and allowing non-citizens to vote.

      Elections have become nothing more than who can get the most votes for their party to overcome the fraud.

      The ballot box is corrupted.

      The jury box is corrupted.

      The soapbox has become corrupted.

      All we have left is the ammo box.

  9. Roger says:

    As a Broward county resident, I am more than disgusted & more than dismayed. Here we have the dimocrat political machine “finding” bushels of ballots, ALL dimocrat. Slowly and surely the pile of ‘new’ dimocrat votes pile up. We all KNOW that it is bogus, illegal and immoral. What cha gonna do? Call in the police? Broward county sheriff Isaac is a dimocrat political hack that has shown his heavily partisan attitude very clearly so no help there. What about bringing in the FBI? No such luck, they have been shown as and proven to be politically corrupt too.
    When free and honest elections are routinely corrupted, the concept of a representative democracy is also corrupted. May God have mercy upon our country as left wing corruption and socialism overwhelm us.

  10. The Deplorable WS says:

    That’s why I have been calling my state: Flori-Duh.

    Between the lib-tards & corrupt politicians, we f’d.

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