Fonda??? They just lost the Veteran vote for sure

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Hollywood celebrities including Jane Fonda, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Schumer will take part in an online telethon on Monday to urge young people to pledge to vote in Tuesday’s congressional midterm elections.

The two-hour “Telethon for America,” created by comedian Ben Gleib, will be streamed live starting at 9 p.m. ET on Monday on YouTube, Facebook Live and Comedy Central’s website, organizers said in a statement.
-James G

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4 Responses to Fonda??? They just lost the Veteran vote for sure

  1. MMinLamesa says:

    If I was duct taped into a chair with my feet nailed to the floor and toothpicks in my eyelids, I would command my heart to stop.

  2. brighteyes says:

    Will this idiot ever go away. For years I had the old bumper sticker, Jane Call Home 1-800-HANOI. I reckon few youngsters would know what that means today.

  3. anonymous says:

    What some of their opponents (i.e. on our side) should do is point out Donald Trump will STILL be in office, so in effect, this vote is not nearly as important as the one two years from now. Its not like the Republicans right now are boost for him.

    Supreme Court nominee votes notwithstanding, things shouldn’t change that much should Dems get the House.

    STILL NEED TO VOTE IN REPUBLICANS JUST TO KEEP AMERICA ON AN EVEN KEEL. They say Trump is crazy, but it is Dems behavior that is off the chart crazy.

  4. Butch says:

    I would like to know a good way to have my voice heard. I want all the incumbent Republicans know that asking for campaign money for past six months is a waste of time when they vote like demoRats the rest of the time.

    Even that POS Paul Ryan has begged me for money. If someone asked me for money to hire a hitman to take Ryan out I would have gotten my checkbook out. I even had that opinion way back when Obluegums was pResident and most of ya’ll were afraid to call it names. What do you call a sodomite? Him or her? It goes well.

    Most of the establishment republican party wants all the same bribes, kickbacks and wealth exchange that the dems want. And it is our money they want. Its really about time to clean house.

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