Friday gifdump

I’ve gotten a few emails from readers saying that while they enjoyed the gifdumps, they’ve had some issues seeing an entire gif without having to scroll down (I suspect these are from readers using their phones) so I’ve shrunk them down a little. Let me know in the comments if this helps, please.

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25 Responses to Friday gifdump

  1. 15Fixer says:

    RE: The Puma gif…. so THAT’S what they mean by “hydro-planing”

  2. pigpen51 says:

    Wirecutter, I didn’t have a lot of problems with the old format, but this new one works much better on my Chromebook, since the screen is not all that big on this either. I have taken a few looks on my phone, and I can see that is a problem. But I usually only use my phone to look at the internet, when I am waiting for my wife at some appointment. I do like your gif dumps, they are one of the more fun things to do while waiting. But how in the hell do you pronounce gif? Like the peanutbutter, or like the word gift, without the T?

    • pigpen51 says:

      I forgot, the one of the guy on the dirt bike, stepping it over the crossbar on the street, was one of the coolest I have seen.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Damned if I know, I’ve never actually heard it spoken but when I think it, I pronounce it like gift without the T.

      • Daryl says:

        Graphics Interchange Format, so it would be gift with out the t.

      • Bacon says:

        .gif is pronounced “jiff”
        .jpg is pronounced “jay-peg”

        I’ve never heard a single programmer (or other computer professional) pronounce it as “gift without the t”.
        (Although I’ve known several who thought themselves to be a gift, but lacked the “T” to back it up. Haha!)

        And while we’re on the subject, the “dot” is never pronounced, unless you’re spelling out an address.

        • waitingForTheStorm says:

          Well, the exception to the rule. I am a programmer and have been so professionally for more then 40 years. I, and all of the professional computer geeks I know, pronounce it as the hard G like gift. Look at what it stands for Graphics (hard g). We are nuts about that kind of crap.

        • Dindu Nuffin says:

          Bacon – as a retired programmer (50+ years), I can say you’re spot on; your pronounciations are correct. I never pronounce it with a hard G in my life.

  3. Greg says:

    You could make the one of the chick in the red skirt and backpack a lot bigger!

  4. Critter says:

    Not that’s how you pop a balloon.

  5. CC says:

    Gif is an acro. for Graphic Interface format, so hard ‘G’ would be correct..

  6. Gryphon says:

    Car through the Brick Wall – No Brake Lights, probably Texting…

    The only Two Cars in a Wide-Open Intersection Collide? Russians.

  7. MMinLamesa says:

    I knew immediately that guy on the lathe was going to get clonked.

    • Dick Summers says:

      Yeah, too fast, too soon, too irregular, and using a spur center on a block that size is just wrong. He was lucky.

  8. Scruff says:

    the one that hurt the most to watch was all those beers falling to the ground.

  9. Brick says:

    They are now too small for my old tired eyes, but If I zoom the browser (Ctrl and plus sign) to 150% it works for me

  10. Robert says:

    Is that Amy Acker eyeballing Sarah Shahi in # 13?

    • Dindu Nuffin says:

      It sure is. Both are a couple of hottiesI I loved “Person of Interest”; too bad CBS canceled it.

  11. Austin says:

    Fook Mi … she’s … mesmerizing.

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