Girl Scouts sue Boy/Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts are suing the Boy Scouts, saying the organization’s inclusive rebranding effort has caused all sorts of consumer confusion from mistaken enrollment in the Boy Scouts to misinformation about a merge of the two groups.

Tuesday’s trademark infringement lawsuit is an attempt to clear up the uncertainty, said the Girl Scouts of the United States of America.

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12 Responses to Girl Scouts sue Boy/Girl Scouts

  1. Ragnar says:

    Well fuck

    And I really like thin mints. Keep some in the freezer

  2. Differ says:

    Not entirely happy about allowing girls in boy scouts, though implementation is supposed to be segregated by troop or at least by patrols within troops. Boys need to be separate and lead by men for that critical period 11 thru 15/16 yrs for at least a few activities weekly to understand the art of manliness.
    As to GS suing BSA – good luck. If the GS did cool stuff the girls wouldn’t be clamoring to join BSA.

    • Andrew says:

      A lot of the supposed clamoring of girls to get into the BSA is from the parents. Surprisingly, even today, most girls want to be girls.

      My wife did more cool stuff as a girl-scout than my brothers did in boy scouts. She got to do shooting, long range hiking and messed around with shop and auto stuff while in girly scouts.

    • JeremyR says:

      First wife and I led a GS troop. We did more stuff than the local BSA bunch.

  3. Let’s all stand up and cheer for Political Correctness…or not.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    Didn’t the California crowd create the “It Scouts of America” with a rainbow logo and fellatio merit badges. They’re retaining the iconic first level of scouting competency, the: “Tender foot” badge?…Well, not exactly that member’s just about 24 inches too low.

  5. Paul B says:

    this cannot end well. I know my involvement with Scouting had trending down since the son decided not to pursue the eagle. He did make Life, so there is that. And he even likes girls, which is most likely the cause as we had some weird ones in the troop.

    Sad day for sure.

    Seems like they are trying to have their cake and eat it too.

  6. SgtBob says:

    There’s a lot more going on other than GSUSA vs BSA, or Scouts, as BSA wants to be known. GSUSA HQ is in NYC. Several years ago, GSUSA adopted corporate principles and steadily made inroads into local councils. Around 2008, GSUSA reorganized, merging the existing 300-plus councils into a little more than 100. Arkansas, for example, went from five councils to one council. The number of girls served dropped from around 20,000 in 2008 to about 8,600 in 2017. My wife was CEO of the council headquartered in Little Rock, and she went through the orders and directives from NYC, fighting the ones with which she did not agree – most of them. With the mergers, Girl Scouts membership dropped nationwide. BSA has succumbed to political necessity. When Boys Club went to Boys and Girls Club, the organization did not change its main focus. Girls do not have programs or incentives equal to boys. The same thing will happen to girl troops in BSA. I have not seen figures showing girls “clamoring to join BSA,” as Differ states. And, if Differ would check web sites, he would see that GS does do “cool stuff.”

  7. CC says:

    FYI, Keebler ‘Grasshoppers’ ARE the same as thin mints, at around half the price.

  8. (((Doc B))) says:

    Still waiting to hear about the first “boy scout” pregnancy.

    We all know there will be no separation of the boys and girls, that would be the patriarchy discriminating against the little darlings.

    I heard a few months ago about how the miss America contest did away with the swimsuit contest, but the boy scouts brought it in. Just funny is all.

  9. Aesop says:

    Sued them on what grounds?

    The GS have no patent on scouting for girls, and if they ever did, it expired 90 years ago.

    This is grandstanding using the courthouse, and a savvy judge throws the case out for lack of standing the day it hits his or her desk.

    As the follow-on movement to BSA, the GS should STFU, and go make us some cookies.

    The Scouts Formerly Known As Boys will self-destruct just fine on their own with no assistance needed from the Girl Scouts.

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