Guess the Race

Students dragged, kicked, and beat a Missouri high school assistant principal to the ground for trying to break up a fight, according to a video posted Tuesday.
The video, obtained by KTVI, showed the teenagers repeatedly kicking Oakville High School Vice Principal Brian Brennan to the ground for intervening in a brawl while other students watching the scuffle laughed and clapped in the background.

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8 Responses to Guess the Race

  1. the other jack says:

    “Although the students were taken into custody, they will not be charged because of their age. ”

    old enough to beat a grown man = old enough for jail.

  2. Padawan says:

    Fucking pygmies.

  3. Deborah Harvey says:

    why do you call them students? they are criminals.

  4. lil jack says:

    If you see blacks fighting, never, never, never, NEVER try to break it up. Throw baseball bats, tree limbs, bricks or other improvised weapons amonst them to aid in their whoop assery, and maintain a safe distance— no, farther away than that, they’re fast as a cheetah when they’re on a chimpout.

  5. Steven Wright says:

    It’s ok to be white.

  6. Bob M says:

    That’s not a school anymore, it’s another holding pen.

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