Guess the Race

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania mom faces criminal charges for allegedly driving with her son on the hood of her car after the boy refused to go to the dentist.

Police in Bethlehem Township say the incident began last Wednesday when the 12-year-old boy told 36-year-old Shaurice Jones he wasn’t going to the dentist and climbed on the hood of the car.

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4 Responses to Guess the Race

  1. crazyeighter says:

    ” Shaurice” says it all.

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Tho I am in favor of wearing his ass out with a belt, I have no problem with this.
    The goobermint needs to stay the fuck out of parenting unless there is actual harm done.

  3. Plan_K_Ton says:

    Shaurice may have not checked the “is this a sane thing to do?” box, but she had the right intent – to get her child dental care. Now, all the kid is going to do is pull similar stunts until his mother stops being able to care for him. The kid is the real loser here, and I suspect will enter the justice system rather early as a result. The kid will also probably have the most messed up grille.

    Seriously, I don’t know Shaurice, but she has my empathy and understanding. Maybe the next time the kid has a dental appointment, the police who arrested her will volunteer to take her child to the dentist themselves, in a squad car, with the lights going.

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