Here’s your list

More than 50 companies representing over $2.4 trillion in annual revenue took a stand Thursday for legal protections for transgender people following a report that the Trump administration is considering limiting the definition of gender to birth anatomy.
-John Deaux

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18 Responses to Here’s your list

  1. J says:

    So 50 companies are backing A Delusional Psychosis.
    Why am i not surprised.

    • FaCubeItches says:

      Some of those companies are nothing more than who-gives-a-fucks, but there are more than a few heavyweights in the list. These guys are placing bets on the future, and that should merit some attention, since that’s what big money is betting on.

  2. Exile1981 says:

    I love how the statement says “assigned at birth”, like someone randomly assigned a baby a gender at birth. This is language games, if its born with a penis its a boy, if it has a vagina its a girl. Everything else is a mental illness.

    • Westcoastdeplorable says:

      The solution is as you say “language games”, but two can play…..”sex” defines your plumbing and the bathroom you use. “Gender” is whatever your choice, just keep it to yourself because the rest of us aren’t interested in your mental problems.

  3. Kaptain Kaos says:

    I am kind of bummed out that both Pepsi and Coke are on the list. I will have to go to RC Cola if I can find it in the stores out here. Dow chemical is going to be tough to boycott but I’ll do my best. Everybody else on the list is the usual suspects so I don’t need to adjust my shopping habits too much. And I’ll let everyone know that I have made the switch to Wrangle as well. Gotta kick them in their wallets to make them obey!

  4. Dave says:

    The credit card thing is what I’m having trouble with, how do you get away from Bank of America and Citi Bank and the other major backers of credit cards, they all lean left, way left. I know, use cash, but let’s face it, it’s nice to have a credit card backup, particularly on the road. Another thing is email, who do y’all use that’s not taking the wrong side?

  5. Wayne says:

    The boycott has no impact in today’s world; too many people. It works great locally, but from the comments above, you just cannot apply it to these mega-corporations. I personally think these “support statements” made by these companies are only meant to appease the delusional and have no effect on a rational mind.

    • ChuckN says:

      Many are so idealogically based that a boycott would be pointless regardless. How many businesses have openly taken positions in opposition to their costumers only to have it hurt; think Dicks’s. Yet even when it is driving the company bankrupt the NPC’s hold firm.

  6. Fuckinridicutarded says:

    For when your halloween costume becomes your reality.
    Because trannys want to play dressup and be taken seriously to the point that reality is suspended.

    Remember when everyone realized it was a mental health issue?
    Oh btw, it turns out napolean is still alive in a mental institution. Must be him. He says he is.

  7. crazyeighter says:

    The Usual Suspects…

  8. bogsidebunny says:

    The bottom line is the companies recognize that the Liberals are savages willing to do anything to hurt or destroy anyone or anything that is counter to their doctrine. They also know Conservatives are a relatively peaceful culture. So the companies are going for the bottom line and that’s their profits. The NFL did the same with the Kaepernick and his fuzzy-haired baboons kneeling bullshit. They knew Conservatives would bitch and threaten to never ever watch the NFL games again, but they also knew Conservatives have short memories and within a season the “addicts” would be glued to the TV screens.

  9. Padawan says:

    Gov. Chris Sununu (RINO-NH) signed a bathroom bill in NH that he swore during his campagin he’d never sign. This past summer we were leaving the Hannafords (a grocery store chain based out of northern New England) and I had to run back inside to use the bathroom. When I got back to the car I was in total meltdown mode. When I was going into the bathroom a male followed inside the women’s room literally right behind me. Granted he did his business and left but it was still enough to scare me into trying to hold it until we get back to Warhorse’s house. If I can’t hold it I ask him to stand outside the restroom and wait for me. I emailed the Hannafords home office and the govoner. I got total silence from the govoner and a beating around the bush TFB email from the grocery store.

  10. Tim says:

    fuck ’em.

  11. Unforgiven says:

    Everyone protesting sex as gender seems to be whining about a loss of human rights if they don’t get their gender fluidity way. But their human rights are well covered as the gender they were born as. I don’t understand the way they’re losing their minds over it. It’s just mental illness, again, I’d guess.

  12. boobieworld@luis says:

    Meh! a tit is still a tit..

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