How to Break Down a Deer Hind Quarter

Courtesy of Jeffery in Alabama HERE

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8 Responses to How to Break Down a Deer Hind Quarter

  1. front toward enemy says:

    Been there, done that many, many times with no instruction at all. It alway seemed to work out OK, even if you screwed it up. It;s just meat, after all.

  2. Jeffery in Alabama says:

    I wish I had been fortunate enough to have had front toward enemy’s teacher from about 1977 when I harvested my first deer. I think I would have enjoyed better cuts of venison. When I was younger, shoulders and hams were either roasted with bacon, onions, and garlic stuffed into slits in the meat, cut up for stew meat, or sliced thin and made into jerky.. The “backstrap” often mislabeled as the “tenderloin” was sliced into steaks, pulverized, battered and fried. Gravy was made from the grease and the fried meat was served with biscuits and the gravy. That was and is my favorite part. In recent years I’ve learned to can venison and it is most delicious. I’m always open to suggestions, new recipes, and techniques.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ve never killed a deer and only helped butcher one. I’ll eat the shit out of it though. Thank God for generous friends.

      • Jeffery in Alabama says:

        I bet yall have plenty of deer near where you live. Here is one of the easier canning recipes fee free to search for others as they are plentiful). We usually add a teaspoon of granulated beef bullion. The end result is delicious over mashed potatoes, rice, pasta, etc. It also is a good base for stews or soups.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Oh, there’s deer. It’s just a matter of finding somebody that will let me hunt their property. Lisa will get pissed if I shoot her yard deer.

          • Jeffery in Alabama says:

            I could have shot a “yard deer” yesterday, but I don’t do that either. She appeared while the lab puppy (small horse) was waking up in his cage and the other large Great Pyrenees mix was on the front porch (app. 25 yds). I walked out to release the lab and the deer saw me. The dogs go louder, but she just browsed on down the side of the road and out of site. Four more reappeared late yesterday afternoon.

  3. Everett R Littlefield says:

    Hey Kenny, come on up here to Block Island in RI. and I’ll give you a big Yeti cooler full of venison! We have a bit of a deer problem out here on this Island and so a local outfit PAYS the hunter $135 per animal to just kill it! Cannot leave it on the ground though, has to be used for food. We make tons of different sausages out of it as well as all those roasts etc. The problem we have is with 25-30 deer per sq. mile, there are tons of deer ticks all over the place. Lots of folks contract Lyme Disease which is a pretty damned awful thing. Leads to and causes about 15-20 different problems that you don’t really want to hear about! For some reason or other, the ticks don’t like me and I’ve never found one on me! Love your site and am here every day!

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