John McGinty, Medal of Honor

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  1. pigpen51 says:

    Almost to a man, whenever I see one of these Medal of Honor recipients speaking, they deflect the accolades onto their fellow soldiers, who at times, the Medal recipients have actually saved their lives. I am just so humbled not only as a man, but also as an American, when I wonder how I could have measured up against the actions of these men.
    It is not just the fact that these heroes have saved the lives of those with them, but also in just considering how faithful and patriotic these men are. Were it not for men like this, most of whom never get the medals and the recognition, our nation would most likely not be what it is today.
    Thanks for posting this, Wirecutter. As we head into the coming celebration of Veteran’s day, I want to thank you for your service, and also send out a very heartfelt thank you to the rest of those who will read this. Even if your service took you only as far as the coasts of this nation, the sacrifice you made of yourself, and the willingness to serve, make you all heroes in my book.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I think it was Franklin “Doug” Miller that said this bit of wisdom about his MoH:
      “I didn’t win it, I was awarded it.”
      He was actually bitter about being nominated for the MoH when he found out he wouldn’t be allowed to run missions any more because it would be an embarrassment if he was killed, especially in the same AO.

  2. His Medal citation can be found here:
    A rather interesting story of how he was reunited with the pistol he used in that engagement that was stolen from him, can be found here:

  3. MW@Cairns says:

    What a Man.

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