Mawky04 gets his deer

Hi Kenny:

I got a nice 8 point buck Tuesday night.

Got it with my friend’s Buick.

First time I’ve ever road-killed a deer, in 40 years of deer-country driving. And I’ve had some miracle saves, like the time on I81 north of Roanoke, no traffic, I’m moving along at 75 mph, enjoying the radio, when my right foot seems on its own to cover the brake and then squeeze it, hard. A second later, a doe comes into view. She’s STANDING in my lane, staring at me. I stop 10 feet short of her. If I hadn’t braked before I conciously saw her, I would’ve wiped her (and my SUV) out.

I’ve got half a dozen more stories like that one. No deer has ever gotten me.

Last night, two-lane road, I’m in my toes because of the rut. Going 55 on a 65 mph stretch. Meeting an oncoming car, I lower my high beams. The fucking buck, seeing his chance, then sprinted from the left ditch, crosssed the oncoming lane, and planted himself in the my left front end. The first fhing I saw of him was a shadow in the oncoming lane, 10 feet in front of me. No chance to avoid.

I’m pissed about it. Friend’s not, though. Thankful he has comprehensive insurance.

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8 Responses to Mawky04 gets his deer

  1. Aaron Yetter says:

    How much meat did you get

  2. Judy says:

    I have hit plenty of deer. Every last one of them got up and walked off, shaking their effing tail, leaving me with a tore up vehicle. This doesn’t included owls, coyotes, vultures, raccoons, squirrels and small birds. Oh, and a cow that took exception to me stopping to let it cross the road.

  3. bobdog says:

    Been there, done that. Killed more deer with cars than I have with a rifle. I’m one ahead at this point.

  4. Handy N Handsome says:

    Be thankful you don’t have 1300# moose to contend with.
    I’ve been lucky, even driving big rigs on a two lane “moose alley” for five years.
    Never hit one.
    My other half , not so lucky, as she hit one with an Astro van.
    They say it’s like hitting a 275 gallon tank full of fuel standing on 3 foot legs.
    Most car fatalities happen because the moose is hit below it’s center of gravity which makes it roll and bounce off the hood and then hitting the front of the roof which collapses onto the front seat.
    Check out the pics:
    BTW, the State Trooper vehicle was a good friend of mine.

  5. Daryl says:

    I have about 50 years of deer country driving, including the roads that turn red and slimy in the fall, and I do a lot of night driving. Haven’t filled the vehicle deer tag yet. Have had close calls tho.

  6. Tennessee Budd says:

    I once bagged a goose with an ’81 Caprice, up on 31W just south of the KY line.

  7. JB says:

    My old truck, a blue 2000 Z-71 I called Deerslayer, I killed FOUR with that thing. One with my 90 Z-71, and one with Mama’s Suburban. Comp is a must for me. The one I have now (knock on wood) I’ve managed to avoid hittin’ the vermin with so far. ’09 Z-71. I drive home from work every night, 30 miles, on backroads. I got better odds on smackin’ a deer then I’d ever have playin’ the lottery…

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