Oh, dear Lord…

ROCHESTER, Ind. — State Police say a 9-year-old girl and her twin 6-year-old brothers were killed when a pickup truck struck them in northern Indiana as they were crossing a road to board a school bus.

Sgt. Tony Slocum says the girl and her brothers died at the scene Tuesday morning after they were struck by the pickup near Rochester, about 100 miles north of Indianapolis.

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24 Responses to Oh, dear Lord…

  1. Whynot says:

    Drink driving, driving under influence, distracted driving, careless driving, or reckless driving that results in the death of an innocent party SHALL be punished by death, to be carried out in 30 days………

    • rayvet says:

      Yeah, I can’t quite go along with that. It’s a bit too extreme, even for my lack of sensitivities. Death penalty is, and should be reserved for pre-mediation and/or cases where one is expecting another to die. Stupid decision making doesn’t deserve death. Now locked up for the remainder of natural life, I can get on board that band wagon.

      • whynot says:

        35+ years of picking up the results of the above will change a person. For better or worse, I stand by my statement.

  2. Jesse in DC says:

    When I was a kid,I was about to step off a school bus, and some asshole went between the bus and the curb. At speed. The driver saw it coming, and jumped up and grabbed me by the collar and kept me from taking what surely would have been my last step.

  3. Kaptain Kaos says:

    Oh dear God above. I don’t have the words to describe the ways I would have beaten someone to death if my kids were to get killed because some millennial couldn’t wait a minute at the bus stop because she was late for her tanning bed appointment. God bless and protect the family. There’s raw agony at their house and it’s senseless.

  4. Exile1981 says:

    Passing a school bus with its arm out. That 24 year old is lucky she wasn’t lynched.

    • Wirecutter says:

      She got out on bail the same day.

      • crazyeighter says:

        Bail was $15,000.

        • Winston Smith says:

          And some lower than human pos will defend her in court. Lynch them Both.

          And that gofundme is horseshit too. I’d slug somebody over it if this happened to me.

    • nwoldude says:


    • bogsidebunny says:

      Probably on her way to an appointment at the local tattoo emporium.

      This bimbo, like millions of other Millennial assholes, is in her mind the center of her universe occupied by nothing else but the pleasures she allows in, therefore any laws don’t apply to her and in her freakin’ warped mind the kids were invaders in her space. Welcome to the “New Now” America.

    • Westcoastdeplorable says:

      Doesn’t mean it’s not in the planning stages, and rightfully so!

  5. RedNova says:

    Have always felt that states which fine for passing a stopped school bus unloading or loading children, have set the fines too low. Fines should start at a minimum of $700.

    • warhorse says:

      I went past a bus last week on the backroads of salem,NH. 35 mph road, she threw on her flashers when I was about even with her front bumper, then threw out her stop sign after I went past it…as if I’m supposed to know where they hell you’re gonna stop?

      they don’t have bus stops any more either…it’s 15 feet, stop, talk with mom for 5 minutes, let the kids out, go another 15 feet to the next driveway…I almost understand why people go around them. they ought to pull over and let traffic pass once in a while..they’d have a lot less irate drivers behind them.

      • Wirecutter says:

        When I was still working and driving a country route to work I had to leave an extra 10 minutes early to make sure I got ahead of the buses. There was this one dairy that the bus would stop at and the kids were always 5-10 minutes late and that damned bus would sit in the roadway with its lights flashing the entire time even though there was a huge gravel parking lot/turnaround on the property in front of the house that the bus could’ve very easily pulled into to wait on the kids.
        I don’t know who I got more pissed at when I got caught waiting, the mom who couldn’t get her kids out the door or the driver who was too stupid to pull 10 feet off the road.

  6. Sigproshooter says:

    Gotta reply to that text ! You fudds just, like don’t like ,understand this generation. They are like, the most enlightened ,empathetic and wise one’s yet. Old people are like, too dumb to like get it.

  7. Annie says:

    There’s no common sense any more. Driving down a back road behind two other cars behind a school bus. The bus pulls over and stops and the YELLOW lights flash, not the RED lights and the pop out sign, but the regular yellow flashers. The bus is stopped at one of it’s normal bus stops where Grandpa is usually waiting in his sedan on the cross street for Granddaughter. Grandpa must have lost track of the time because he’s no where in sight. I wait long enough to verify bus is not going to let Granddaughter off without Grandpa present and I pull out and pass everybody and I’m on my way. The way the other drivers acted you would have thought that I squashed a bus load of kids rather than legally pass a stopped vehicle with the regular flashers on. No common sense.

  8. Bob M says:

    Five will get you ten she was yakking away on her phone.

  9. PoppaGary says:

    And THIS is part of the problem “….and one misdemeanor count of passing a school bus when arm signal device is extended, causing bodily injury.” It should only be a misdemeanor if nothing happens. IF you hit a kid injuring and\or killing, it should be a felony count.
    Yes, she is being charged with reckless homicide, but this should be extra-ordinary charge in addition.

  10. rayvet says:

    If the driver has any conscience (and whose to say whether they do or not) then regardless of the reason, their live’s pretty much done for anyway. Imagine living with the knowledge of what you did. There wouldn’t be enough penance in the world for me if I was responsible.

  11. Charles A Reader says:

    I used to drive a school bus and some of the crap I seen…….

  12. John Ryan says:

    One of the side effects of the public school system’s combination of leftist indoctrination of reliance on the State for citizens well-being and children are special to everyone is society’s loss of common sense. And their balls.

    I wonder if the grief counselors are going to include in their counseling the necessary instructions to children to look both ways before crossing the road.

  13. Victor says:

    This hurts. I know we all would love string idiot drivers up but I think this one is a series of mis-steps by all involved. We need to pray for all involved. Why in the year 2018 do we allow children to cross a highway to enter a bus? There are so many things I see wrong with this accident where to begin. Dark, curve, on coming, Bus driver motioned kids to cross (blew horn when she realized truck wasn’t stopping), Crash site very close to Tippecanoe River (could there have been fog or haze) Vehicle following pickup ( headlights in pickups mirrors could have been stealing vision from driver) Pickup truck driver states she did not recognize the vehicle as bus ( were the red lights flashing, was the white strobe working?) Three children in the pickup ( were they distracting the driver?)

    One of the biggest errors I see is dash lights. You need to turn your dash lights down to the lowest comfortable level when it is dark out. And for you LEOs and First Responders turn your dam CAD( Computer Aided Dispatch) systems down, I can tell if your eyes are open at 70 mph from the other side of the freeway.

  14. rd says:

    The parents of the kids in this subdivision wanted the bus to pull off the highway onto the road in the subdivision to load and unload the children. The school and bus company said no. Now that three kids are dead, the bus will pull off the highway onto the road in the subdivision.

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