Oh, hell yeah!

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  1. Guairdean says:

    If you make gravy and it pours like water, go back to using Pioneer mix. Good gravy is almost thick enough to stand a spoon in. It’ll hold onto the biscuit (or chicken fried steak) instead of running off. The stuff he made might make the tourists happy, but a real Southerner wouldn’t give it a passing glance.

  2. Zot says:

    What happened to the bacon? Crumble it up in the gravy.

  3. Ragnar says:

    Looks awesome but I prefer sausage gravy these days. Still love bacon and eggs though.

    Thinking back to my .mil days it was with chipped (sometimes ground) beef and called SOS.

    • BaconLover says:

      Every Sunday my mother would fry chicken in an electric skillet then make white gravy in the chicken grease and cracklins. Lord have Mercy was that good.

  4. alan says:

    His videos are great and I’d love to go to one of his cooking classes. My comments on the gravy: I don’t use bacon grease, too strong tasting, I stick with sausage. Works same as rest of his comments. Pepper yes, salt no, there’s enough in the sausage. Crumble up couple pieces of sausage to really add to the gravy. If you’re so inclined, try a splash or two (I’m serious) of Worcestershire sauce in the gravy for a little extra kick. Lea and Perrins, of course.

  5. brighteyes says:

    I’d like to see him make biscuits. Maybe he did and I missed it. I cooked on and heated with a wood cook stove exclusively in the winter months for eight years in the seventies. I had a Home Comfort with water reservoir and over head warming ovens. Loved that stove.

    • Daryl says:

      Biscuits, they are simple easy but some will mess them up anyway. Stop fucking with the dough and get them cut and in the oven.

  6. Randall says:

    Same way my Grand Dad taught me except I use the greasiest sausage I can find. If not, ad a little butter as I do not save the bacon grease and fat as the old timers use to and some still do.

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