Stylin and profilin

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8 Responses to Stylin and profilin

  1. Bubba says:

    This guy: You know that hat Gomer Pyle wore?
    Barber: Say no more!

  2. Cederq says:

    Looks like an eraser head with a divot… golf much?

  3. Donny Corleone says:

    What else are you gonna do with that shit?

  4. Kaptain Kaos says:

    Genius! The perfect cure for chronic hat hair.

  5. rick says:

    What an idiot! The cap is on backwards!

  6. JeremyR says:

    So how does he put a Bears logo on it?

  7. brighteyes says:

    Don’t you dare say nappy hair. However, if that aint nappy then what ta fuck is? It aint a put down it’s just what it is.

  8. Tom says:

    Cat in a hat

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