Transgender Mania

Let’s be honest — there’s something intrinsically creepy about the whole transgender idea. Pretend all you want, say all you want, but the idea of a man asking to be castrated, taking hormone shots, and putting on a dress makes one’s skin crawl.

This transgender mania began with the sudden obsession and mass glorification of a celebrity who decided to switch genders. You may remember the orgiastic reaction by the leftist media: “Bruce Jenner is courageous! He’s very courageous! She’s so courageous! Let’s give her the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. I’m so inspired by how courageous he/she/it is! Aren’t you?”

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21 Responses to Transgender Mania

  1. Don in Oregon says:

    I honestly believe the transgender thing is a result of endocrine-disrupting plastic compounds in our food and water.

    • Andrew says:

      No, that may be a cause of some of it, but the social pressure to ‘change’ is immense. Parents are foisting it upon their children, so is media.

      And we all know that social pressures are huge and powerful.

      Like, well, flaming and mincing queers. My wife used to have some gay friends when she was going to college in Knoxville back in the mid 70’s. Most of the gays were not the effete, lispy, soy-boys that we all see today. They were more the ‘Freddy Mercury’ or Cary Grant type, ‘normal’ acting people who were gay. She says most of the ‘normal’ gays looked down on the flamers and mincers.

      Now? It’s like as soon as the ‘gay gene’ takes hold, the voice changes, the arms become useless, and the lisping begins.

      It’s not because being queer suddenly became ‘queerer’ but because that is what our society is teaching the new gays what being gay is.

      Case in point. Guy I know was supposedly straight as an arrow, wife had huge knockers and they made lots of noisy sex wherever they went. She cheats on him, they divorce, he suddenly ‘discovers’ he’s gay, and he goes from a chick-banging baritone to a mincing butt-fucking alto. Why? Because that’s what all the gay assholes he suddenly started hanging around with acted like. I even confronted him about it, asking him if being fucked in the ass really changes the pitch of your voice, or is it from all the cum-gargling. He still hasn’t forgiven me. Oh, well.

      • Mike_C says:

        wife had huge knockers and they made lots of noisy sex wherever they went

        Sounds like a “compensatory façade” so maybe not all that surprising.

        (Yes, it’s SFW.)

        What throws me is that these days so many young men who are NOT homosexual (so far as anyone can tell) speak in high, soft voices; flounce around; giggle together to establish consensus and group identity; and basically act like 13-year old girls.

        • Tsgt Joe says:

          They undoubtably have been indoctrinated by their femanist teachers that “toxic( any) masculinity” is bad. Starts at preschool where the boys are supposed to play like girls, no wonder they act like girls. Of course some folks say too many foods these days have estrogen like hormones in them, I dont know enough about that to have an opinion.

  2. Angel says:

    I have a great meme for this, but I don’t know how to post it in comments.

  3. illkeepmine@luis says:

    So, did Bruce finally get it cut off?????

  4. JB says:

    So I’ve started a new project at work. Boss tells me we have some interns I can use for some of the work. He then proceeds to tell me about one in particular who has just recently (last couple months or so) come out as transgender. Apparently this young guy gets really pissed off when someone refers to him with male pronouns. The guy is still dressing as a guy. Only recently has he started growing out his hair. But gets offended when referred to as a male.

    Obviously, he’s not on my team. Not going to be on my team either. Yes I’m doubling down on what I’ve already doubled down on to get OUT of this company and find another job.

    There are two genders: male and female. All this other stuff are just mental disorders.

    • Bill says:

      “There are two genders: male and female. All this other stuff are just mental disorders.” Exactly. It’s in the DNA. You can put a Porsche hood badge on a Toyota but it’s still a Toyota

  5. Sanders says:

    A dude who cuts his pecker off is not a woman.

    He’s just a dude who cut his damned pecker off!

  6. Gryphon says:

    Please – It’s Not Polite to Laugh at the Mentally Ill….

  7. Sexually deviant panda says:

    If you dress as a vampire for halloween, you do not become a vampire. It is a costume you are wearing.

    During an argument with the wifes gay cousin about this i put the fruit bowl on my head and insisted i was a different person, and started spraying him with his own sjw bullshit . No difference in my mind.

  8. KM says:

    There are no chicks with dicks…they’re just guys with tits.

    Remember the days when blowing a tranny was a car problem?

  9. Westcoastdeplorable says:

    The way I look at it, your SEX is assigned by God at birth. You’re either Male or Female, that’s it. The “gender” thing is between your ears, and you should keep your mental problems to yourself because I’ve opted out. Figures I’ve seen are 2% gay/bi and .06% tranny. it’s the tail wagging the dog.

  10. JeremyR says:

    The plus side of it is they do not reproduce.

  11. Tsgt Joe says:

    While I’ve seen a few prancers most of the gay guys I’ve known pretty much just looked and acted like regular guys. Sometimes people expect those stereotypes, one day I walked up behind one of my staff who was sharing with a new lady who the gay guys were(this was social service) she pointed to one guy and said martys gay, the new lady responded, no way, he’s dumpy like Joe(me). Her image of a gay guy didnt include a portly middle age guy with a scruffy beard.

  12. JeremyR says:

    Had a guy where I once worked who came in one night wearing camo pattern pants in purple. Since this is by Kansas State, we didn’t think much about it. Couple nights later he showed up in a pair that were shades of pink.
    Another coworker commented to him that his wardrobe might lead people to think he was gay. Turned out he was.
    Lot of stories about him. he had serious mental issues. Blamed it on bad experiences with girls in high school. WTH??? Has any body NOT had bad experiences with girls in high school? I mean while they were in high school?

  13. Hybo says:

    I would suggest that you keep all faggots AWAY from your children. They are all evil narcissists and, with the chance, try and “convert” children into their sick and twisted “lifestyle.” Faggotry is pure perversion and is spawned from the devil.

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