What’s happening at the ATF


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  1. Bad_Brad says:

    All LEO want AR Pistols. Believe me, I know. But YOU can’t have one. Least not in Cali. Never trust any LE org. I can expand if needed.

    • Wirecutter says:

      AR pistols are illegal in California now? My wife’s cousin in Stanislaus County was shooting a really nice one when I left.

      • rick says:

        There are at least two ways to own an AR pistol in California.

        1) Manufactured AS A PISTOL within CA by an FFL licensee. This is ‘single shot, break top’.

        2) PPT with both parties to the transfer physically present. No part of the firearm was previously transferred as a long gun.

        The larger problem is you would be putting your faith in some Barney Fife knowing and correctly interpreting the applicable law. Most cops are not ‘people of the gun’ so would probably have a hard time in distinguishing an AR pistol from a scary ‘assault rifle’ or pistol with unapproved modifications. In that case you may expect to pay the consequences of their ignorance and stupid actions.

        Some folks have printed out the laws and carrying that with the firearm. The objective is to better inform LEO in the desire to avoid the consequences of their ignorance. I am unaware of the success rate of that.

        Too, F&G and other state agencies have been noted to visit ranges, camp sites, etc for the explicit purpose of checking on firearms. BLM and other fed agencies are cooperating with CA state.

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