Where’s the Left’s outrage over this?

Members of the Black Panther Party marched through the city of Atlanta, strapped with assault rifles and brandishing Stacey Abrams campaign signs.

In a video posted on the group’s Facebook page on Saturday, members of the Black Panther Party are seen marching through the West End neighborhood of Atlanta in support of Stacey Abrams gubernatorial campaign. As they marched, the Black Panthers carried assault rifles and continually shouted slogans such as “black power” and “power to the people.”


Fuck ’em, the Black Panthers weren’t nothing but mouth back in the 60s and 70s and they ain’t nothing but mouth now.

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19 Responses to Where’s the Left’s outrage over this?

  1. Mike says:

    Grenade launchers legal in GA??

    • Chris Mallory says:

      Probably a 37 mm flare/smoke launcher. Legally it is considered a signalling device, unless you also own anti personnel or high explosive rounds.

  2. Jayhawk46 says:

    And I’m sure the panthers will be the first to line up and turn their guns in if Abrams gets her way, right?

  3. C Watson says:

    The irony of exercising their 2A rights with a candidate who’d take them away in a heartbeat

    • FaCubeItches says:

      Remember, Obizzle wanted a force the same size as, and as well equipped as, the military. Just because politicians don’t want normals to have weapons, that doesn’t mean that they don’t want the shock troops of the revolution to be subject to a similar limitation.

    • debbie stabenow blows says:

      Oh, something tells me she wouldn’t be taking their guns away.

  4. CJ Spencer says:

    Stupid Bastards are marching with guns to support a candidate that wants to take those guns away. But, on the other hand, the last pic displays some impressive muzzle discipline, so maybe it’s a self-correcting problem.

  5. 15Fixer says:

    It’s okay for them to have guns, just not the white male terrorists among us.

  6. oldawg says:

    As a point of reference whatever you think of their apparent skill level NEVER under estimate your enemy! 55 years ago I learned that whether they wore shit brown NVA or black jammies and rice hats they managed to kill and wound a large number of us. Would have done so even without the help of our OWN politicos. So joke and deride away(as I do myself) but stay locked and loaded with a plan to kill every last one of the motherfuckers as if your family’s life depended on it because it just might. By the way, a good number of the current black panthers and black militias were trained by the best trained armed forces in the world.OURS!

    • FaCubeItches says:

      Yep, precision aimed fire can and will kill you. So will a spray-and-pray round addressed “To Whom It May Concern”

  7. tomrdcinc says:

    I work in that area from time to time and there is nothing but Black Panthers in a 5 mile ring around where those guys are. They go armed like that all the time. Cops stay away and them go at it.

  8. crazyeighter says:

    Did the Panthers ever think something like this is exactly what drives large number of white people to the polls to vote for Anybody But Democrats?

    • FaCubeItches says:

      If someone’s goal is to kill you, they don’t really give a tuppenny fuck who you vote for.

  9. highdesert45 says:

    I expect that the problem that we may face is that most of us are fairly law-abiding, and do not want to shoot people. This is not true of the other side, which is quite capable of killing, each other usually. DO you think that these ‘citizens’ will have any problems shooting white people? They kill each other to the tune of 10s of thousands every year…

  10. flighterdoc says:

    The guy with the Airsoft AR has so much shit on it (including the scope mounted backwards) that even if it were real, it wouldn’t work…..

    And nothing says Tactical like a murse, water bottles sticking out of your pockets, 47 stars on your collar and those striped tactickewl socks!

  11. Mike_C says:

    What makes anyone think that an Abrams administration would try to take away THEIR guns? When was the last time that the same rules applied to them, vs the rest of society?

    Yes, yes. I freely admit that, say 70+ years ago the laws, customs, and daily practices were heavily stacked AGAINST the black man. And that was wrong. Very wrong. But for the last 30+ years it’s been the other way around to an absurd degree. [long rant redacted]

  12. Sabre22 says:

    We will see what happens tomorrow if they show up at polling places Armed that will cause trouble. Remeber they just had Nightsticks When Obambi got elected the firs time

    • Wirecutter says:

      And they were doing voter intimidation and nobody did a damned thing about then. What makes you think this time will be any different?

      • Peter B says:

        Back in the day the Panthers murdered Betty van Patter when she found out they were keeping crooked books.

        The Panthers started in Oakland, which has some strange history. The Klan was active there in the 1920s and had thousands of members, had big rallies and at least one new member initiation at the Oakland Auditorium with a reported 8500 attendees; that outnumbered Oakland’s black population of the day.

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