White South Africans barred from applying for gov’t jobs

White South African men are reportedly being excluded from a government-partnered youth employment initiative program, according to a new report. The Youth Employment Service (“YES”) government job website has the goal of helping South Africans who have been unemployed for more than six months. The program has been endorsed by the National Development Plan 2030, which intends on eliminating poverty and reducing inequality within the next 12 years in the country.

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16 Responses to White South Africans barred from applying for gov’t jobs

  1. BlackPilled says:

    This is a preview of the future for white children in the US. It’s just a matter of time.

    • Mike_C says:

      It’s already happening here in these United States. Blacks are about 12.5% of the population, but about 20% of fedgov employees. This post by Pat Buchanan is a bit dated, but it gives a breakdown of percent black employees at various departments.


      Note well the figures for the EEOC, Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae. And those aren’t even the highest, but maybe gives insight into how some things came to be the way they are. Namely AFU. So if Maxine Waters really wants “payback” based on race she need only look in the mirror.

    • Lineman says:

      So are we gonna wait until it’s that bad before we take action or will we wait till it gets so bad the chance of us surviving is slim and none…I’m guessing the latter by what I see…Not enough pain yet…Sad That…

  2. add violence says:

    I’d love nothing more than large numbers of White mercenary teams from around the world to go to SA and clean house. These black South African pieces of shit really have it coming to them.

    • FaCubeItches says:

      Of course, the whole world has been propagandized over the last 40-odd years to regard the future genocide victi….sorry, white South Africans, as TEH ULTIMATE EVUL (sooper serial, they are the one group on the planet worse than RethugliKKKans) who deserve what’s coming to them. You’d be very hard pressed to recruit many to go fight on their behalf. Hell, the South African whites don’t even appear to be that interested in actually defending themselves.

      The same thing is happening here, albeit slower.

    • rayvet says:

      We think a like. When all this crap started that was my first thought. If a group of white farmers offer some incentive, why not have a bunch of mercs head over there and just start sniping the shit out of the blacks. And here’s the thing, doesn’t have to be the blacks coming for the land or threatening the whites. It can be any of the blacks. The only way to force these animals back into the jungle where they belong is to make them afraid to live in the white man’s world.

    • Butch says:

      I have come by this information through family sources I believe. You are free to doubt every word. By reports to me, there are Merc’s from all over the world already in SA working for both sides. One aspect that surprised me was that the Zulu Tribe has been backing the whites.

  3. Boone says:

    Affirmative Action carried to its ultimate end.

  4. Paul B says:

    If you are white and still live in south Africa I would question your sense of survival. Either kill so many blacks they want to stop or leave. there are no other options.

    People who do not know hunger have no fear.

  5. Elmo says:

    “In the name of diversity and to erase all inequality we shall purge all whites from South Africa.”

    • FaCubeItches says:

      You forgot the follow-on: “first. Once they’re gone, it’s the Asians’ turn.”

  6. Mac says:

    We have been barred for years, we can’t even tender on state, provincial and muncipal contracts without a useless deadweight black economic empowerment partner. Business that do government contracts can only buy stuff from a small number of white owned companies or they lose ‘bbbee’ points and still we do better than the darkies. Useless fucks, they blame racism of course.

    My Dad and I refuse their bullshit laws and a dead weight black partner. Fuck them all they can shove their regulations up their rectum sideways as well as the big American mining company that draughted all these bullshit laws.

  7. spaz says:

    That country will die soon, just sit back and watch the new Zimbabwe come to life.

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