Wings Over Vietnam – Spookies, Spectres and Shadows

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  1. warhorse says:

    my dad loved Puff. they had a problem with a sniper at Chu Lai. they were welding down the PSP and at night someone was shooting at the welding arc. they would get a rough idea on where they guy was and dump a few clips from a BAR in that area but could never get him.

    Puff had a bit more firepower on board, and after a few passes they didn’t have a problem with that particular sniper after that.

  2. rick says:

    Gunships had their start in WWII in PNG. The first were the B-25 which featured many field modifications, often without approval from upstairs. Some mods were pilot controlled twelve .50s in the nose or rocket pods on the wing or parachute bomblets for low level attacks. They even used liaison aircraft to deliver rockets but found they were burning off the fabric control surfaces.

    This all is according to a pamphlet written by a USMC crew chief after the war.

  3. enn ess says:

    “Puff” was a sight to behold. Lucky me I got to see all three versions (67 thru 70 – ok, so I’m a slow learner). None of which you wanted to be on the receiving end of, or even in the same general vicinity. Only thing I can think of being their equal is the A-10 Warthog. An awesome gun they built a plane around….

  4. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Too bad we didn’t win that war and should never have engaged in it.

    • Inbredredneck says:

      You sign an agreement with the opposition and they withdraw from the disputed territory, that war is over. Sounds like a win to me.
      You agree to provide support to your ally, they are attacked by the former belligerents and you don’t follow up with your promise to help, that’s failure to honor your agreement. Lack of political will by politicians sucks, but it’s nothin’ new. It was only because of the Lefty commie lackeys in this country and their refusal to face the fact that their “Socialist heros” lost and then violated the terms of the agreement, that South Vietnam fell.
      Read some of Bui Tin’s stuff and you’ll realize that the other side knew they were in deep shit after Tet Offensive number one. If our fuckin’ pols had had the balls to stick it out a bit longer, we’d’ve been lookin’ back and sayin’ how it was a great idea to go in and checkmate the Communists right there. Instead of the Vietnamese now havin’ to slowly and painfully drag themselves into the realization that capitalism is the way to raise themselves out of the socialist morass and overcoming how many years of the “workers paradise”, they’d’ve been enjoying all those years of productivity and success.
      We just let the Left re-write history. Thanks, John Effin’ Kerry and the rest of the spineless whiners who bought into the Soviet/ChiCom propaganda.

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