Yet we’re the racists…

White liberals present themselves as less competent when addressing minorities, while conservatives use the same vocabulary no matter what the race of their audience, according to a newly released study.

Yale and Princeton researchers found that both white Democratic presidential candidates and self-identified liberals played down their competence when speaking to minorities, using fewer words that conveyed accomplishment and more words that expressed warmth.

On the other hand, there were no significant differences in how white conservatives, including Republican presidential candidates, spoke to white versus minority audiences.

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5 Responses to Yet we’re the racists…

  1. Skipperdaddy says:

    Are you sayin Cankles doesn’t really carry hot sauce in her purse? GTFOH.

  2. CC says:

    Oh, wait, they’re not racists when they’re condescending assholes to everyone….

  3. kansasredneck says:

    Just being more honest to the minorities. Liberals can’t brag on accomplishments when you have zero.

  4. rob says:

    Al Gore hired lesbian Naomi Wolf to teach him how to act manly. Reckon who taught Barack Obama to imitate a black guy?

    Hillary, after living in Arkansas for over 15 years, couldn’t do any better at speaking to black folks than the line “Ah ain’t no ways tard.” Pathetic.

  5. nwoldude says:

    This does not happen by accident. The left is way in front with ‘the peeps’.

    “The Democrats learned to speak “street” starting with Bill Clinton and George Stephanopoulos. And that was thoroughly perfected by the time streetwise Barack Obama took the torch in 2008.”

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