You were warned

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  1. Gryphon says:

    It takes surprisingly little Impact Force to Trigger the Airbags in a Small Car- necessary due to the Small Mass and less ‘Crush Space’. I saw a (standard-height) F-250 Pickup back into a small Jap Sedan in the Grocery Store Parking lot, and >BANG< front Airbags blew the Windshield right out of it. Might have been the Angle or the Truck’s Bumper pushing Down on the Hood, but it was Way More Damage than the Sheet Metal that got Bent.

  2. rayvet says:

    EERRRR. Wrong answer. If you’re going so slow that I’m on your ass, move over. If there’s a passing lane, and I go to pass you, and you speed up, your classified as super douchebag and I’ll have no problem cutting you off as I return to lane. And if you’re in a multi lane, in the left lane and slower than me, I don’t care how fucking fast (or slow) you’re going, GET OUT OF MY WAY. There, got that off my chest. Thank you.

    • Mike G. says:

      Bingo. Drive as slowly as you want. In the lane closest to the curb or shoulder on the right.

  3. rd says:

    My not so favorite are the two trucks with the dueling governors side by side for miles.

    Last week, eight miles from Albertville to Monticello at 65 in a 70. Their relative position didn’t change by more than forty feet in the eight miles. I was a safe eight to fifteen car lengths behind the whole way. Finally flashed the brights and the semi in the left lane admitted defeat and pulled in behind the box truck, allowing the stream to pass.

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