All About Your Bluetick Coonhound

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  1. Hillbilly says:

    Having had Bluetic hounds, three of them over the years I can tell you a few things about them.
    1, Once he and or she gets in in their mind there’s prey out there they will go thru most anything other than a steel dog box to get at it. Never underestimate a bluetic.
    2, Not all, but some can be meaner than shit. Mostly with males. Cooner my 2nd one hated everyone except my wife, oldest son and when my second son was born and home from the hospital slept under his crib and wouldn’t let anyone near it except my wife. He’d snarl his teeth and the hair would go up on his back and make anyone, including me a believer.

    3, They will eat your lunch, drink your coffee or your beer, shit on the seat of your truck then jump back in the dog box in the short time it takes while taking a piss. So they do have a sense of humor.

    4, If I was thirty years younger, I’d have about four of them, maybe a black and tan or two.

  2. Sanders says:

    I got one for my mom about 6 months ago from the dog pound. She had been saying she wanted a hound dog, and when I ran across her on the shelter website, I was going to get her for myself. I sent mom pictures and went and met the 1.5 yr old pup and found her half starved, but with a really sweet disposition.

    Anyway, she’s a hand full for my mom. I may wind up with her pretty soon….but she gives mom something to fuss over, as she lives out in the desert by herself and the grandkids don’t stop by as often as they used to.

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