An American Hero (and troublemaker extraordinaire)

There is a long-standing adage in combat arms branches that says “you haven’t had a full career until you’ve gotten an Article 15.”
Well, this Vietnam War veteran had his share non-judicial punishments (authorized by Article 15 of UCMJ), racked up 115 confirmed kills and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was also one of the most decorated soldier in American international combat, even eclipsing both Alvin York and Audie Murphy.

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7 Responses to An American Hero (and troublemaker extraordinaire)

  1. my Marine career must be complete, I had 4 article 15’s in 4 years. :).

    • RonM says:

      Wow, I only racked up one. Insubordination. Told my first sergeant to eat shit in effect. Definitely not MOH material.

      But about Hooper… Wow, wow, wow! Amazing. But, poor guy, really. He never fit in. He was above us.

  2. Tsgt Joe says:

    I read a book about Joe Hooper a number of years ago, it may have been; “Looking For a Hero: Staff Sergeant Joe Ronnie Hooper and the Vietnam War” by maslowski and winslow. The book addressed joe himself and the war as well, it gives some insight into why we lost in vietnam. I read the book , probably 15 years ago, so I’m not certain I would still agree with the authors, if anyone has better recollections it would be good to hear.

  3. Sanders says:

    That fellow makes John Wayne look low speed.

  4. kansasredneck says:

    Eight Purple Hearts??? At some point you would think he would LEARN to DUCK!

  5. FaCubeItches says:

    “racked up 115 confirmed kills”

    One hundred and fifteen whole kills? Well, isn’t that just precious!
    – Zombie Thomas Ferebee, bombardier, Enola Gay

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