Boulder Residents Given Just Days To ‘Certify’ Rifles Or Face Consequences

Residents of Boulder, Co., have until December 27 to “certify” their “assault weapons” or remove the firearms from city limits. Those who fail to comply could face fines, jail time, and confiscation and destruction of their firearms, according to the Denver Post.

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12 Responses to Boulder Residents Given Just Days To ‘Certify’ Rifles Or Face Consequences

  1. todd swanson says:

    I live in Denver, we’re one generation away of being Boulder. Complete democrat control in Denver right now.

  2. singlestack says:

    Hopefully the scum responsible will face “Unintended Consequences” if there’s an effort to enforce it.

    • warhorse says:

      wasn’t there a part of the story that took place in Denver? some DEA agents who got killed, but it was only mentioned in passing by a bartender?

      What Would Henry Bowman Do?

      • LoL No says:

        Henry, after fair warning, would shoot a motherfucker in the face and then get on with the business of exercising all his other rights.

  3. Bubba says:

    Keep pushing it libtards. Somebody is going to go full Killdozer on these nuts. My rights to defend myself don’t come from the gubbermint but from the Lord Almighty. If you want to infringe on that I’ll set up a meeting for ya!

  4. cap'n fast says:

    I live in aurora. learn this. never threaten a government controlled by socialist. do not threaten. do not say it. but, do do it. aurora just had a law abiding citizen defend his family and home, only to be shot and killed by the police because it is said he could not hear the police command him to put his weapon down.
    I’m not going to call the cops unless I have to. lots of empty space on the prairie. a suppressor is a good thing. keeps nosey neighbors asleep. come to my house and if I have my way, you will leave in a baggie..
    interesting thing about the peoples democratic republic of boulder is this fine upstanding example of mob rule trampling the rights of the minority. that’s what happens in a democracy. we live in a republic and have laws in the book which when actually enforced is supposed to prevent government overreach like this.Yes, a truly educated electorate in the PDRB choose to do this violation of our United States Constitution which has it’s only purpose of existence of limiting the power of government. and when government ignores that limit, the PEOPLE from which that power comes from must needs to take that power away from government. once you the citizen allow even once for the government to ignore you citizens rights, you the citizen have no rights.
    thus endeth the lesson in civics today.

  5. Nemo says:

    Didn’t some state Supreme Court (Illinois?) already rule that that these local laws, aimed at confiscation, are unconstitutional?

    Who’s going to volunteer trying to enforce this one?

  6. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    Good luck enforcing that bullshit!

  7. Stretch says:

    December 28th is going to be either VERY interesting or a total snooze-fest as the Bolder PD ignore the deadline. Personally I think it will be a snooze-fest.

  8. Mals says:

    Ask Cuomo how well that worked in New York.

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