Crooked cops? No way!

A Texas man is accusing several police officers in Northern California of stealing three pounds of legal marijuana from him during a traffic stop, according to a federal civil rights lawsuit filed earlier this month. And he’s not the only one who says he was essentially robbed by a group of rogue police officers.

Zeke Flatten alleges that three police officers from the town of Rohnert Park and Hopland Band of Pomo Indians pulled him over last December while he was driving through Mendocino County. The officers were not wearing name tags or badges, and they identified themselves as federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, rather than local police officers, the lawsuit says.

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3 Responses to Crooked cops? No way!

  1. JTwig says:

    “Zeke Flatten” that has to be the most Texas name I’ve ever heard.

  2. IdahoHunter says:

    Not possible, all cops are “HEROS”

  3. just sayin says:

    the worse one is when they bring their own when they come to raid you and you end up getting busted for possession of THEIR shit, because your sorry arse is too broke to have any of your OWN shit.

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