Friday gifdump

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  1. Roger.45 says:

    #6: Never let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash.

  2. Good Vibrations says:

    LOL – I know what #5 is!!!!!

  3. Kaptain Kaos says:

    Pink Darkie in #1 scores some style points for illegal use of tree.

  4. Djamer says:

    Scientific fact that a parasite exists that makes a rat love a cat. . .

    It’s in our brains as well.

    • Weso Phuct says:

      Its amazing what parasites can do to animals brains. I am convinced there is a parasite that thrives in big cities, that makes people stupid enough to vote for people like Hillary, Pelosi, Obama, Occasional-Vortex, etc.

    • Mike_C says:

      I find tables and charts to be helpful when comparing and contrasting things. If a chart isn’t really practical, then a structured list can be useful. So here’s a little list of infectious organisms that cause their host to do things clearly NOT in the host’s interest.

      Infectious Organism: Ophiocordyceps unilateralis (fungus)
      Host Organism: Camponotus leonardi (ant)
      Host-Injurious Behavior: fungal infection causes ant to leave its nest and usual foraging trails; ant then climbs a plant to a specific height, clamps its jaws on a leaf in a literal death grip and dies. Fungus grows within dead ant, eventually causing ant’s head to explode, releasing new fungal spores.

      Infectious Organism: Myrmeconema neotropicum (nematode worm)
      Host Organism: Cephalotes atratus (ant, black)
      Host-Injurious Behavior: infected ants turn red in their abdominal segment (looking like a red berry) and tend to walk slowly with the abdomens up in the air. This makes the ant look like a red berry. Birds eat the berry-ants, furthering the nematode parasite’s lifecycle.

      Infectious Organism: Toxoplasma gondii (single-celled organism)
      Host Organism: Rattus sp.
      Host-Injurious Behavior: infected rat loses its fear of cats, becomes sexually attracted to odor of cat urine, actively seeking out cats. Cat captures rat, eats its brain, completing T. Gondii lifecycle.

      Infectious Organism: Neocons
      Host Organism: The United States
      Host-Injurious Behavior: The infected nation gets itself into unnecessary wars that do not serve the national interest; tends to invade arid or otherwise desert-like shitholes where American lives and treasure are wasted.

  5. Beaches says:

    Wtf happened in # 2

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