Fuck that guy

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6 Responses to Fuck that guy

  1. JC says:

    Memphis. Not surprising.

  2. Greg says:

    The cop will just give the two trucks parking tickets and head back into the Dunkin.

  3. Andrew says:

    The bitches with badges will ticket your ass for parking badly, but them?

    Had one bitch cop block my driver side door. Since my passenger side door was done broke, I squoze my fat ass between the cars, carefully opened the door, got in, and apparently left a rub mark, like the type you can wipe off with your shirt without brake cleaner.

    A year later, a jury finally found me innocent of misdemeanor assault on an officer. And they tried to buck it up to ‘hate crime’ because the bitch was black. Fuck, I didn’t know who the cop was, just that they did a shitty job of parking. And apparently she was in the car and I ‘rocked’ the car so hard it hurt her neck. Please, bitch. My testimony epically demolished her, as the jury was snickering and the judge had to admonish them for said snickering.

    And this was while I was working for the very same police department. Once a month to go to court to have the assholes postpone yet again. Getting thrown in the slammer at 7am on a Sunday for missing one court date (after calling) because my wife was sick and in the fucking hospital. (Didn’t get the notification that a warrant was issued until the following Wednesday.)

    Way to go, people. Want racism? This is how you get racism. Want cop-hating? This is how you get cop-hating.

    And, yes, the PD found a way to fire me only 2 months after I was found not guilty. Why? Partially because I now had a police record…


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