Hey, they wanted to be like the big boys too

Social media outrage has given rise to the saying, “Never read the comments.”

Well, in this case, you can forget that — the comments in this case are everything.

Police in tiny Tenaha, Texas, have either deleted or made private the department’s Facebook page after a Dec. 5 drug bust photo provided to media by the department went viral for all the wrong reasons.

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7 Responses to Hey, they wanted to be like the big boys too

  1. Gordon says:

    Some of those high speed, low drag operators.

  2. SgtBob says:

    Take a look at where Tenaha is. Bobo is just down the road, and Louisiana across the river. A few years ago, the Tenaha PD was in the business of “How much money did we find? Well, amazingly that’s the amount of your speeding ticket, which you can pay now and be on your way. Or, we will charge you with possession of a controlled substance. Yeah, we thought you’d see it our way.”

  3. WDS says:

    Tenaha, Texas, population 1160 and probably the only bust the PD made all year.

  4. Lisa L Putney says:

    If you click on the second hot link in the article, it took me to their Facebook page. The comments are great!!

  5. Rob says:

    People in prison are money in the right pockets!

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