In Macon County News this week:

Straight up White Trash, God bless ’em
A Westmoreland woman and Lafayette woman were arrested after allegedly assaulting a family, including a pregnant woman, in the parking lot of Lafayette’s Dollar General.

Tamyra A. Wix, 32, and Barbara L. Albanese, 65, were both charged with assault following the incident, which took place on Nov. 28.

Gotta remember to get rid of the evidence
A fight amongst brothers led local authorities to over 50 marijuana plants drying out inside a shower on Friday, November 30.

According to the affidavit of complaint filed by arrested officer Deputy Bryan Emberton, he was dispatched to a residence on Elzie Williams Rd. for a domestic dispute between two brothers.

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1 Response to In Macon County News this week:

  1. SgtBob says:

    From the look on her face, I’d say it wasn’t Ms. Wix’s first time in the photo booth.

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