Leaves his cardiologist, has a heart attack in McDonald’s drive thru

SARATOGA SPRINGS – On Aug. 23, Dennis King left his cardiologist’s office with one thing on his mind – a $4 deal on two sausage Egg McMuffins at McDonald’s.

And that’s all that he remembers. That’s where McDonald’s staff picks up the story.

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6 Responses to Leaves his cardiologist, has a heart attack in McDonald’s drive thru

  1. Mike_C says:

    ROWYOBS, Mr. King. Getting a near fatal MI while at McDonald’s is purely awesome.

    For what it’s worth, PKG and I will split an order of the 2for$5 Dunkin Donuts egg& sausage (or is it ham?) croissants. If I’m not around she just eats both of them. No idea how she stays a size 4. Then again the Swedish Disaster lived off of McDonalds (and avocados and caffeine) and stayed 119 lbs (at 5’9″) somehow. No, drugs were not involved.

    • Wirecutter says:

      The PsychoChick I dated before Lisa was like that. We’d go out for dinner and she’d eat like there was no tomorrow, yet she never gained an ounce. The first time we met was at a breakfast and lunch place and I ordered light because, well, it was our first meeting. She ordered 3 eggs, doubled down on the bacon and also had a full order of their signature biscuits and gravy which takes up an entire plate. She scarfed every damned bit of it.
      It was actually fun to take her to dinner just to watch her eat. The waitress would take our order and you could see one eyebrow raising higher and higher as Eva kept ordering.

    • Padawan says:

      I can’t stand what passes for “egg” at Dunkins’. It tastes nothing like egg and has the consistency of wet, egg flavored floral foam pressed into a pretend egg. I once read somewhere that a typical egg patty from Dunkins contains less than 1% real egg.

      At least here at Rotten Ronnie’s we have actual shell eggs. If you get a biscuit, McGriddle or bagel sandwich or a big breakfast just ask them to substitute a round egg for the folded egg (scrambled if a big breakfast.)

      • Butch says:

        Naa-uh, Rotten Ronnie’s doesn’t have real eggs. They never offered me one, I would just throw that yellow sponge out the window and eat the pretend sausage on the so-called biscuit. I have read that the chicken “nuggets” are all made from real chicken, beaks.lips and feet included. All ground up and mixed with some acrylic to hold it all together, molded, breaded and fried.

        If I eat fried chicken I insist it has a bone in it.

  2. Padawan says:

    And my store manager wonders why I bring my own lunch with me.

  3. the other jack says:

    sure is nice to read a story with a meaningful, happy ending. thanks wirecutter.

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