Man, that’s one fucked up family, isn’t it?

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12 Responses to Man, that’s one fucked up family, isn’t it?

  1. George says:

    Guess it’s to late to what they originally looked like. To bad!

  2. Mike says:

    And became nagger lovers.

  3. Nemo says:

    Kim K. the woman who turned a “leaked” interracial amateur porno vid into a BILLION $ empire. What a claim to fame. Lovely cuntry America.

  4. Steve says:

    How many of those are Jenner’s kids? Aren’t they all spawn of that lawyer that got OJ Simpson off? So what I’m thinking is the aura that the momma put out, turned all of them into crazies…..including Jenner!! Now that’s some strong mojo!!!!!

  5. Gordon says:

    First time I have ever seen a photo of that many of them together without a black guy among them.

  6. millerized says:

    And still not an attractive one in the bunch.

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