Rest In Peace

A fuller picture of a cemetery in ghastly disarray emerged Thursday as the longtime caretaker of a graveyard in Connecticut’s largest city was arrested and officials described in new detail shocking discoveries that included human bones and casket pieces scattered about.

About 130 graves were disturbed at the 57-acre cemetery and included those of Civil War veterans, Bridgeport authorities said. Gravestones and remains had been removed to make way for the newly dead, while some new graves were stacked on top of old ones, separated by a layer of dirt.

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3 Responses to Rest In Peace

  1. Walpurgis says:

    Anthropologists can rate a societies well being by how they treat their dead. I wonder what the future robotic googlefacebook droids will note down about our (defunct) society using these measures.
    On another note. This doesn’t sound anywhere near as bad as some cemeteries I’ve seen in the Bayou.

  2. mjazzguitar says:

    There’s got to be more to this story.
    This caretaker buried people on top of other graves?

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