Some people you just don’t fuck with

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Authorities say an inmate who escaped from a South Carolina jail was shot and killed by a woman after he kicked open the backdoor of her home.

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8 Responses to Some people you just don’t fuck with

  1. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    I read the article and sounds like the lady would have been dead meat if she had not defended herself with a firearm.
    Just another example of why the 2nd is so important to protect.

  2. Nemo says:

    This is actually a 2fer. She saved herself from harm and the taxpayers from having to prosecute and incarcerate this POS.

  3. rayvet says:

    Another good guy/gal with a gun moment you won’t read about in the MSM. There’s actually a helluva lot of these. This will just be marked down as “Death by gun” and used as a number to show how many people are killed by guns each year. Many people forget that there are many people that need killing.

  4. frank says:

    I love a story with a good ending!

  5. Andrew says:

    Headshot. Nice!!

  6. Brad says:

    I lived in Pickens County for 6 years and it never ceased to amaze my around how many women carried. We’d have a block party and the first question asked was, “what church do you go to?” and the second question was, “what do you carry? Got to love de wimmen of Pickens Country, straight up!

  7. Flight-ER-Doc says:

    Happy Dance Time!

  8. Plan_K_Ton says:

    God bless that woman.

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