Sorry ’bout that

There was no way she could have seen him, the boy on the bridge.

Marisa Harris was driving her Ford Escape down a Northern Virginia highway, heading home after a peaceful afternoon hike at Burke Lake in the state’s Fairfax County.

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5 Responses to Sorry ’bout that

  1. rd says:

    Suicides cause lots of victims besides themselves. Marisa was just a more obvious victim.

    Please get help. God loves us all.

  2. SgtBob says:

    !. Shit happens. 2. Schools fill the kids’ heads with all kinds of data on depression, drugs, alcohol, suicide, mental illness and then people wonder why all of those are increasing. Morgan Freeman was asked how “we” can improve race relations in the US. He said, “Stop talking about it.”

  3. pigpen51 says:

    It seems that just about everyone knows someone who has committed suicide. I had an uncle who had outlived every single one of his family, my mom being one, and also his wife and friends. He told me and anyone who would listen, that when he could not stand it anymore, he would shoot himself.
    At the age of 90, he finally had been lonely for too long. Could we have done something to stop him? Or perhaps a better question to ask is, would we?

  4. Andrew says:

    Self-slabbing, okay…

    Self-slabbing by taking other people out, now you’re an asshole.


  5. MadMarlin says:

    I was going to share my thoughts but figured I’d be put on some list to not be able to own a firearm. Sooo, suicide bad, life goI’d.

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