Television’s Vietnam with Charleton Heston


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  1. H says:

    Well, the PBS thing was just public broadcasting doing what public broadcasting does, which is say anything no matter how outrageous as long as it furthers the progressive agenda or licks piles of their progressive customer base, which does not include the American tax payer who also funds their Communist agit-prop otherwise known as “content”. Public broadcasting doesn’t consider the tax payer part of their customer base, they consider the tax payer, if they consider him at all, akin to the rich uncle of whom they are ashamed because he’s a capitalist.

    That don’t make it right, of course, but which one of these got any notice? I never heard of the Hesston programs until Kenny put them up (and thanks, Kenny). The progressives control the media for the most part; they don’t even try to hide it.

  2. rick says:

    This video is worth watching. It begins as a rebuke of the false narrative of the PBS series then moves to the broader subject of communism. Around the 50 minute mark, the subject is communist objectives in Central America. This is very poignant today. This as far as I have gotten so far.

    I thought it ironic, perhaps prescient, that the two traitors – McStain and Hanoi Jane – appear in the video one after another.

    The link is to a USMC Guidebook of 1968. It is well worth reading. I found this link because I recall reading the actual guidebook from my dad’s collection. In the first few pages is a history of Vietnam and the struggle of the people and their Republic against China then the Vietminh led by Ho Chi Minh, a ChiCom puppet. Vietnam had established a government very similar to our own, in fact, had used the founding of the USA as their example. The communists wiped that away.

  3. rick says:

    Starting at 51:16 thence to the end of the video is what we are fighting today; the damn media who twist victory into defeat to tell people what to think.

    When the 4th estate becomes the 5th column its time for the 2A.

  4. nonncom says:

    What a realm of inconsistent thought was the Viet Nam conflict….the fact of America never really trying to win, or actually produce the desired result, led to suspicion of dark interests controlling the battle for devious purposes….some felt the military industrial establishment was responsible for killing Kennedy to prevent an end to our involvement in Viet Nam, as Kennedy indicated he would do….no war, no weapons sales….I mention this not as a nod to Stone’s badly done movie “JFK”, but as a statement that this was a real possibility at the time….we could’ve easily overrun Hanoi, but chose not to….I always wondered about that….the answers to the questions of our failure in that war will never be provided….too many falsehoods, coupled with the passing of history, have assured that….the American people can never allow it to occur again….the problem is, we have a generation of people who are not even paying attention….the result of the last election, putting the left back in power in the house, proved that….

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