The Day Mrs Gieszinger Flipped The Fuck Out

O say can you shear?

A deranged teacher in a California public charter school cut a student’s hair while dramatically shouting the national anthem, shocking video shows.

“What so proudly we hail!” an off-key and inaccurate Margaret Gieszinger, 52, belts out in the frightening footage while standing behind a student at University Preparatory High School in Visalia — roughly 40 miles south of Fresno — on Wednesday. “By the twilight’s last streaming, whose bright stripes and bright stars!”

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4 Responses to The Day Mrs Gieszinger Flipped The Fuck Out

  1. the other jack says:

    chapter three of ‘instant retirement: play the crazy card’

  2. czechsix says:

    I’m sure she’ll have a fine pension, after being on fully paid suspension for a few years, of course.

  3. WestcoastDeplorable says:

    If they knew she was goofy, why’d they let her back in? I sure as hell wouldn’t want her coming after my kid with a pair of scissors!

    • rayvet says:

      She’s like Klinger on Mash. If she plays the looney card enough, eventually they’ll cut her free. And teachers live on the high life after they no longer teach.

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