Unloader, not so much

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  1. Elmo says:

    I have a question for the expert-
    When loading trailers at Safeway, whose responsibility is it to make sure the load is secure before it leaves the dock? Does the driver ‘tie it down’? Is he allowed to check the load before he leaves with it or is it entirely the responsibility of the loader man?
    Not having ever worked a union job I’ve always been curious about this.
    Thanks, Mr. Answer Man.

    • Wirecutter says:

      It’s the driver’s responsibility.
      We’d load the trailer and the hostler would hook it up and pull it out to the staging area. When the driver got his assignment he’d check the load and strap it down, then head to the scales.
      If he didn’t like the looks or feel of the load or if he was overweight, he’d bring it back to the dock where we had a dedicated door and loader just for that so it could be fixed.
      They could usually tell when they hooked up to the trailer if it was loaded correctly as far as weight distribution goes – there should be at least 4 fairly light pallets (toilet paper and shit like that) loaded in the nose, then your heavies in the middle, then 2 or more light ones on the tail. If there was an uneven number of pallets, we’d take a stack of empty pallets and stick them in there to even it out.
      It’s not rocket science but a loader that doesn’t give a shit can really fuck up a driver’s day by loading it wrong, because the driver is the one that unloads at the store. He’d get part way into the trailer and find that all his heavy pallets had shifted or started to collapse and when he goes to pull them out, they just fall over, then the driver has to pick all that shit up and put it in shopping carts to get it into the store. Then he’s got all that damage he has to document…
      I could look at my manifest which gives the pallet size (usually 70 cubic feet) and weight (anywhere between 500 and 2500 pounds), and know how I was going to load that trailer before I even saw the load.

      • cap'n fast says:

        I had one of our lift truck drivers actually park on movable dock plate. he never checked the plate for landing gear down, just used it as is. the CAT rolled thru the open door and landed on the counterweight with the forks straight up in the air doing a great dead bug act. the battery fluid flowed over the controls electronics and fried everything including the motors. the laughter stopped when it caught fire. Did he get canned? No. on the up side, the $30K lift truck was scrapped and replaced. just shook my head …

  2. rick says:

    Those hard plastic crates are slippery. There was no way they would remain in place stacked on top of aluminum kegs. Any little shift would send them crashing. Apparently not all idiots can figure it out.

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