Well, this oughta be interesting

Magic mushrooms could soon be legalised in one US state after officials took a step closer to a potential ballot on the issue.

Oregon’s Secretary of State approved the language needed for the ballot which means those in favour of decriminalising the psychedelic drug now need to get 117,578 signatures.


Those damned snowflakes can’t even handle life and they’re wanting to make mushrooms readily available to everyone?

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11 Responses to Well, this oughta be interesting

  1. Walpurgis says:

    I”m all for it. Flood the entire supply into Portland and make it free with any purchase. I can’t tell NOW if Porlandians are crazy as shit, or just drugged out. This way at least I can sorta know how they will act.

    • Andy says:

      Guessing you haven’t experienced them or done any research into their potential benefits.

      Maybe they’re just bad because Nixon said so.

      • Walpurgis says:

        Na, I’ve looked into it, and yes, for some afflictions mushrooms, even LSD, can make quite a difference. The trouble is, when do you separate the medical from the recreational?

        • pigpen51 says:

          Actually, the real question to ask is, when do you get the government out of people’s lives and let them do what they want to their own selves.
          In the early part of the 1900’s, the drug of morphine, and codeine, and others, were available over the counter. And yet, there was no huge crisis back then. At least no worse than that face by society today, with the consumption of alcohol. But no matter that the drug of alcohol has many times the amount of lives destroyed than that by drugs.

          • Walpurgis says:


            That article is just for @wirecutter, because of the Tennessee thing…dunno. But you can find these everywhere you look. The drug problem was well known and documented well before the 1850s.

            I’d love nothing more than to have the government out of that business, but who is gonna sweep up the mess, tank the drunks, and collect the bodies of the overdoses in the morning? Even if it’s just a community buzzard wagon, that’s government.

            • Bacon says:

              Who is gonna sweep up the mess?

              Street cleaners can be hired just as easily by neighborhood associations, business coalitions, chambers of commerce, etc. as by governments.

              Who is gonna tank the drunks?

              I’ve visited some small cities that have trained crisis intervention volunteers who round up the non-violent drunks and transport them to the drunk tank without arrest.

              Who is gonna collect the bodies?

              Although medical examiners are government functionaries, morticians sure ain’t.

              In general, We The People can usually do for ourselves, despite the fact that we’ve all been pretty thoroughly trained (indoctrinated) to believe that we need outside intervention. The exceptions are clearly outlined in the Constitution — national defense, foreign relations, cross-border trade.

        • arc says:

          Separating recreational and medical is up to the individual consuming them. Its not government or pharma’s place to tell sovereign individuals what to do with their own bodies.

          If it can be taken as a medicine, then it can be taken recreationally.

  2. Kegeshook says:

    Those mushrooms are readily available to pretty much anyone who wants them up here. I don’t bother with them myself but parts of my lawn are covered in them in the Summer.

  3. Michael says:

    Dose up antifa squids. They’ll be too busy laughing to cause trouble.

    • John h says:

      That’s pretty much what I remember about mushrooms. My cheeks hurt the next day from smiling for hrs and laughin’.
      John h.

  4. Bacon says:

    I’m in favor of decriminalizing damn near everything. The only acts that should be criminal are those that harm another person. But if/when this becomes available recreationally, it’s gonna cause a big mess.

    People use all kinds of drugs, always have always will, but when it’s illegal they tend to do so in private. Once it becomes easy, they’ll be using the same drugs out in public and interactions are likely to, um, uh, change. I mean, can you imagine trying to exchange insurance info with someone who’s tripping off their ass?

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