What Socialists Really Want

This morning, I was browsing the usual suspects before heading out to work, and I came across an interesting article on [H]ardOCP, one of the tech sites I frequent. Silicon Valley is showing greater wealth inequality over time. Individual incomes are dropping, save for the top 10%. Housing costs are driving out service workers like firemen, retail workers, etc… Only the wealthy can afford to actually live in the communities they serve. Normally this would not be news on The Declination. If a place is expensive and hoity-toity, don’t live there. Hell, don’t even work there – go somewhere where your work is actually appreciated, not looked down upon as icky or plebeian.

However, this is California, land of Socialism, Progressivism, and wonderful hopey-changeness or whatever. This is where every lunatic environmental wacko can hold up production of a solar power plant. This is where some idiot governor once thought to charge everybody $1,000 a year registration fee for being permitted to own an automobile. California, land of high gas prices and terrible air. Environmental land of litter and gang shootings. And don’t forget San Francisco with free human feces on every downtown sidewalk.

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2 Responses to What Socialists Really Want

  1. Trish says:

    In a nutshell… Good reading.

  2. Walpurgis says:

    I’ve known this for decades. We never really left the feudal form of government, ask any sharecropper or renter. (Tho they call them Lessee now I think) Give it up and bow down to your new overlords of Googlefacebookapple.

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