14,348 a day…

In the ledger of evils perpetrated by humans, Operation Reinhard holds a special place. Over the course of 21 months starting in March 1942, Nazi forces and their collaborators rounded up 1.7 million Jews from 393 Polish towns and ghettos and dispatched them in tightly packed rail cars to three camps in German-occupied Poland — Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec.

At these three killing centers, members of Poland’s once-thriving Jewish community were murdered with such efficiency and ruthlessness that, of roughly 1.5 million Jews who passed through their gates, a mere 102 would survive to bear witness. By November 1943, when Operation Reinhard ended, essentially no Polish Jews were left for the Germans to kill.

In a bid to capture the scope and intensity of genocidal killing sprees, a Tel Aviv University researcher has dissected Operation Reinhard and found its dark heart.

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  1. Bistro says:

    It almost requires a german to calculate how many were killed in each day using just the case red files and ignoring everything else. The Germans, the Poles, the Romanians, the Bulgarians, the French started killing Jews in earnest in 1940. At something like 1.4 million every 100 days they had how long to reach the final number the Germans are accused of killing?
    And note here very carefully. I don’t say nazis. I say Germans and all the rest for a killing reason. They were not just complicit, they actively hunted them down and killed them.

    • James says:

      It shouldn’t be forgotten that the police and governments in the occupied countries were complicit.

      • Larry says:

        Yes. There were even anti-Jewish pogroms in Poland after the war was over. No wonder the vast majority of survivors wanted the fuck out Europe.

    • Larry says:

      Romania and Croatian Ustashi, among others, eagerly participated. In fact, they did a lot of the killing in their countries themselves (at German urging, but they apparently didn’t need much urging). Others, like the Danes and Norwegians, were the opposite. Even in pretty anti-Jewish countries like Poland, about 10% of the prewar Jewish population survived, because not all their neighbors were un-Christian assholes. As in any problem, the first 80% is straightforward, the next 10% is quite a lot harder. Just finding those last 10% (of anything, like weight saving on the Apollo lunar lander, for example) take as much effort as the other 90% did. Pretty much a rule of engineering and seems to apply everywhere else in life.

  2. FaCubeItches says:

    The crazy thing is that the fairly disorganized Interahamwe were comparable in their effectiveness despite using little more than brute physical force. Just goes to show how quickly it can happen – something the “it can never happen here” types might want to keep in mind.

  3. better not say says:

    Run the #s. Look at wartime infrastructure/logistics.
    It don’t add up.

    Not saying it didn’t happen. Saying its exaggerated.
    Besides, who gives a shit now. Its like blaming the Dutch slavers for whats happening in the US now. Its done and done. Deal with it, motherfuckers.

    • warhorse says:

      yeah, it does add up. and we’d better understand it and not just go “meh. history” because right now we’re being set up to be the next people on the cattlecars.

      why do you think the left is being encouraged not to treat us as human?

      • Moe Howard says:

        If it all adds up [106 Polish Jews left] who the fuck are all those Holocaust survivors? Who are all the Jews the Commies expelled from Poland in the late 1960’s? Or as my Polish MIL says, were allowed to leave Communist Poland? Who are all the Polish Jew survivors I personally have met in Poland? Who were all the Polish Jew survivors I met in Israel? Are they moving around the same number of Jews to follow me?
        The story is BS.

        • Wirecutter says:

          The article says it was 106 Polish Jews from these 3 camps – Sobibor, Treblinka and Belzec. There were plenty of other camps and plenty of other Jews that weren’t Polish.
          Here’s a listing for you.

          Funny, but I’ve never once met a Holocaust denier that had ever visited a concentration or death camp. Not one.

        • Larry says:

          About 10% of the pre-war Jewish population of pre-war Poland (over 3 million) survived the war. Of those, most got the fuck out of Europe as fast as they could over the next decade. Gee, I wonder why? Do some outside reading. The numbers are valid.

      • james says:

        Looks like that. anyone who opposes the left is poor, stupid, uneducated trash. They are racist, xenophobic, homophobic and transphobic, They have ten teeth left and cling to their guns and their religion.

  4. orlin sellers says:

    These numbers took over three-quarters of a century to come up with???? I don’t believe it.

    • kansasredneck says:

      Those numbers have been known and verified since about 1948 with only slight modifications, usually down, since then. What this did was compile the real day by day numbers for people to see.

  5. formwiz says:

    It acquired the code name Operation Reinhard after the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, Himmler’s deputy, the man Hitler called The Man with the Iron Heart.

    It was, to an extent, the dividing line between the use of Einsatzgruppen, who killed up close and personal, and the extermination camps, set up by the Wannsee Conference chaired by Heydrich.

    What goes around, comes around.

  6. Youdecide says:

    Documentary about those three camps:

  7. skycat says:

    I call bullshit too. 1,700,000 divided 393 equals 4,326 Thats a large per village and town. I even call bullshit on some other numbers too But to really understand and to be able to talk about this you have to start HERE… http://holodomorct.org/holodomor-facts-and-history/

    • Larry says:

      Why would you think the Jewish population was evenly distributed, skycat? The pre-war Warsaw had about 270,000 Jews, Lodz had about 230,000, Wilno (now Vilnius) almost 100,000, Lvov about 110,000, Lublin about 45,000, and so on. And a lot of small places with just a dozen. The numbers do add up.

      • skycat says:

        And then there is this…”The World Almanac and Book of Facts for the year 1948″, 1948: 572.

        The 1934 World Almanac notes the following pre-WWII populations of Christians and jews:

        Christians: 682,400,000

        jews: 15,315,000 In 1948, after WWII, the 1949 World Almanac notes the following populations:

        Christians 592,406,542

        jews 15,753,638

        Perceived difference:

        Christians -89,993,458

        jews +438,648 here’s a place to start….http://thisiszionism.blogspot.com/2008/03/almanacks-never-lie-jews-do.html I can’t find this now But it was up in 2011 maybe you can find it if you look The International Jew showed up for “treaty of versailles demanding reparations for the 6,000,000 jews killed in ww1”. HOLD ON 6,000,000 jews killed in ww1, 6,000,000 killed in ww2, something starts to smell kinda fishy here… What up with that 6,000,000 number? Disclamer: I have Jewish friends (2 were rabbis of the evangelical Jewish persuasion, none are bolshevik or Zionist as I find them one in the same and not like the jews I know. I have no formal training in philosophy, metaphysics,political science ( as if there is any science in politics ) or ghost hunting of any kind. All persons, places and things are entirely coincidental, unless of course they are not. do not use foul language if it can be avoided. Remembering what Murphy said Civil Wars Aren’t civil, Friendly fire isn’t friendly, Any thing that can go wrong probability will. Never do your own investigations, always believe what you are told.

        • Larry says:

          The World Almanac is only as good as the numbers they can get. It’s not as if they have independent means of collecting or analyzing anything. They certainly weren’t getting any numbers about the Jewish population in German-occupied Europe during WWII (nobody but Berlin was), but that didn’t prevent them from listing tripe like this: 1941 – 15,748,091; 1944 – 15,192,089. As if they had any fricking idea. Hell, if they were not pretending to be more authoritative than they were, they would at least have not have committed the obvious untruth of listing “15,748,091” instead of admitting, “Here’s number x</> reported from non-occupied countries, and here’s our estimate for occupied Europe, including German-occupied Russia plus/minus 100,000 assuming that none of the news reports of mass killings of Jews in Russia and elsewhere are true.” But no, they couldn’t do that, could they?
          I went to your “source” link. Statement like this, “Amateur historians like Leonardo place the figure for the number of dead from WWII at 54 million, but they estimate only 20 million dead in Russia, whereas Russian sources put the figure as high as 64 million when the Bolshevik Revolution is included. Encyclopedia Britannica casually estimates the loss of life to be between 35 to 60 million, but this puts the Russian loss of life at 18 million, 46 million lower than Russian sources which claim the figure is as high as 64 million,” is a huge red flag. Apparently, he forgot that the topic of discussion was WWII casualties, but he wants to drag in every death in Russia from 1917 onwards. What do Russian deaths between 1917 and 1941 have to do with WWII? Not a bloody damned thing.
          And this, this is just inexcusable and utterly laughable, “Where is the monument to up to 260 million CHRISTIANS who died JUST due to WWII, …” This is just pulling numbers out of his ass and flying them as his flag, no damned different than that old racist fuckwit Louis Farrakhan. The population Germany in 1939 (which includes the population of Austria and Czechoslovakia) was (rounded to nearest million) 87 million, continental France 42 million, Netherlands 9 million, Belgium 8 million, Poland 34 million, Lithuania 3 million, Latvia 2 million, Estonia 1 million, Yugoslavia 15 million, Italy 43 million, Hungary 9 million, Greece 7 million. Add that all up and it is 260 million! So up to the equivalent of all those countries were fucking exterminated down to the last living person in WWII? That’s everything from the Pyrenees to the pre-war Soviet border except for Switzerland, Romania, and Bulgaria. Seriously? This person doesn’t have their head screwed on straight or can’t do even the most basic research. He pulls something off stormfront or some other similar site and reposts. He definitely believes in your adage, “Never do your own investigations, always believe what you are told.” By the most untrustworthy sources.
          I want a citation for the claim that “The International Jew showed up for “treaty of versailles demanding reparations for the 6,000,000 jews killed in ww1.” I call bullshit on that.

  8. James says:

    I would say more then 200 million killed by democide in the 20th century,remember them all.

  9. CC says:

    Mao’s “Great Leap forward” made Hitler a piker.
    45,000,000 in 4 years.
    These are people with the same ideology as democrats, so yeah…

  10. skycat says:

    To really understand all this I first had to seek wisdom. I found that wisdom in Ephesians – Chapter 6, our battle is not against flesh and blood. This is spiritual warfare on the physical plane. Our fight is with Dominions, Powers and Principalities and these are angelic. Major parts of them revolted and fell with Satan. A person shouldn’t consider themselves an educated Christan unless they know the nine choirs. – St Bonaventure (Paraphrasing), not making judgement about you, only me I am commanded to look at this world with different eyes. I try to hold most things I see to scriptural standard or cross bar, I will seek in the Torah as even Jesus said “he did not come to change the laws of god” I stay far away from the Talmud and the kabbalah as my friend rabbi bobby said the kabbalah was witchcraft I never bother to go into it. But if you care to see how far back the 6,000,000 number goes (with a grain of salt go here)… https://snippits-andslappits.blogspot.com/2012/03/six-million-myth.html as you scroll down you will find a newspaper article dated Oct 31 1868 and I think it’s the New York Times. there are 68 different articles. Somewhere in the Talmud/ Kabbalah it says the Jews will have Palestine back but first a sacrifice, a cleansing for the race 6,000,000

    • Larry says:

      That website does not exist anymore. If the Talmud/Kabbalah says it, then surely you can easily find with any search engine (there are downloadable versions of them just like the Christian Bible, and not just in Hebrew, any more than the Old Testament is only available in Hebrew) exactly where one or the other says this. Otherwise, I suspect it’s pulled out of someone’s ass like so much else — like this guy I was corresponding with when I was in college who claimed a French explorer in the late 1600s or just after 1700 encountered mounted Sioux warriors. I was very interested in this, since if they were already mounted by that time, it would be an important change in North American history as it’s known. I was eventually able to find, with the help of the university library staff and inter-library loan (pre-Internet days), a reprint of his journals as published. The French explorer said no such thing. The guy was lying to push his own agenda. Original sources (as many as you can gather and comprehend) are better than something passed along by someone else, even a reputable historian, though no one has the time or mind to sift through everything. Otherwise, it’s like the old game of telephone. By the time it gets to the end, the message is daft. Sometimes all the experts are wrong, but that’s not the way to bet without solid evidence.

      My wife’s maternal great-uncle was near Dachau when it was liberated. He and the rest of his unit were sent through it as local Germans were being made to witness and to haul bodies out to where they could be bulldozed into mass graves. Her great-uncle on her paternal side was a Brit who liberated Belsen. Seeing as how neither one of those camps were extermination camps (those were all in the east where most of the Jews in German hands were, but the non-extermination camps had an extremely high death rate from starvation, disease, and overwork), I think the horrors they witnessed should speak for themselves. Hermann died before I met him, but I met Fred the Brit, and he said he couldn’t have imagined the cruelty and barbarity (and he landed in the 2nd wave in Normandy and fought as an infantryman to the end of the war, barring a couple weeks recovering from a wound). He had no fucking love, to say the least, for people who told him, in essence, he didn’t see what he actually saw for himself.

  11. Penseivat says:

    One story not told very often is that a number of Polish prisoners escaped from Sobibor and made their way home, only to be killed, either directly or by denouncing them to the Germans, by other Poles who had moved into their homes.

    • Larry says:

      That was where the majority of those 102 came from. There were anti-Jewish pogroms resulting in dozens of deaths post-war Poland.

  12. james says:

    It is ALWAYS Nazi Germany. No one ever says anything about the 100 -200 million people murdered by communists. By stalin, mao, ceaucescu, pol pot many others. (save a few comments on this thread)

    No one ever suggests reading the Gulag Archipelago. It seems that there is a deliberate and concerted effort to ignore and pretend none of that happened and only the Germans were evil.

    There are always the deniers. Why can’t there be agreement that both nazi and communist are evil? Both are leftist, collectivist, the state is god, boot on the throat totalitarian systems?

    • Larry says:

      Because the American left and progressives have been in love with Soviet Russia since 1917. Or if not pro-Soviet, then very determinedly anti-anti-Soviet. The Democratic Party took steps to get rid of the subversives within its own ranks ~1950 and got the worst of them out. Kennedy and LBJ were staunch Cold Warriors. McGovern was a surrender monkey, Carter hardly any better, and it’s gone downhill since then.

    • Larry says:

      Also, Stalin and the Comintern (under his orders) proclaimed Fascism and it’s depraved variant Nazism as ‘right-wing’. Therefore, good left-wingers to this fucking will get extremely angry if you point out exactly how Nazism was collectivist. And they just might take a swing at you if when they point out various ways that Nazis supposedly weren’t leftist and you show them how the Communists (by their own actions) were no different except that Communism claimed to be “scientific” (Marx and Lenin were about as scientific as Dia-fucking-netics) while the Nazis decided on a mythological “race” basis for their own brand of fucktardedness. I mean, if Communists aren’t really to the left of Nazis, then who is? Therefore, I got swung at, ducked, we both fell (it was a party, we were drunk). He got ejected, and then I met one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever known, a 6’3″ blonde beauty whose grandfather was a professor of chemistry and (I later found out) commanded a Jagdpanzer-Abteilung in Normandy before being captured in the Falaise Pocket in 1944. She was rather out of my league at that time (or, well, any time) but she was very nice. Other than seeing the communist kicked out with prejudice, that was the only high point of that year.

  13. freebird says:

    How about the two million German soldiers killed in Soviet concentration camps after the war?
    Do those “count?”

    • Larry says:

      Every bit as much as the 3.3 million Soviet POWs who died in German custody. Of course, the post wasn’t about the horrors of the Soviet Union and its gulags any more than it was about the huge body count racked up by Genghis Khan and the Mongols.

  14. Mike_C says:

    “Oh go ahead, Mike, wet your finger and stick it into that active light socket. What could possibly go wrong?”

    I was really trying to hold it in, but your comment tipped me over the edge, freebird. And to answer your (probably rhetorical) question: No. Of course the Germans killed in Soviet camps don’t count. Who “counts” is an interesting issue, and we’ll get to that below. (Also, see my response to James.)

    @James who says more then 200 million killed by democide in the 20th century,remember them all. Ah, but some victims are more victimy than others.

    @Kenny re never once met a Holocaust denier that had ever visited a concentration or death camp. If I am understanding you correctly, you’re saying that there is incontrovertible evidence that wholesale, industrialized murder of Jews (and homosexuals, Romani, etc) was carried out by Nazis. Yes, agreed. Of course. But there is a huge difference between a flat-out “It’s all a (((hoax)))” Holocaust denier (who would be a fucking idiot), and questioning whether it was 6 million, 5.4 million, 6.2 million, or what; or trying to figure out what happened exactly at any particular camp. The latter seem to be legitimate historical questions. But there are certain persons/people who want to lump the two together, so that ANY question about the official narrative is “Holocaust denial”. That is wrong. I despise and have contempt for neo-Nazi type holocaust deniers, but I despise and fear those who would criminalize sincere inquiry.

    Speaking of which: Why are there laws against “Holocaust denial”?
    It is clear that there was massive, organized murder of Jews (and homosexuals and Gypsies, etc) by the Nazis. The basic fact is incontrovertible unless you’re a moron or secretly masturbate to a photo of Hitler (note those are not mutually exclusive groups). But why don’t we have laws against being a Flat Earther, or denying the Germ Theory of Disease? The way a civilized, liberal (in the classical sense, not the Occasio-Cortex sense) society deals with idiocy, even harmful-idea idiocy, is to attempt to educate and argue toward the truth, and if those fail, to mock, marginalize, and then ultimately ignore. People who are secure in the correctness of their facts and position do not need to use the law to destroy those who oppose them. (Think about the people who want to make “Global Warming Denial” a crime.)

    Okay. Back to “who counts”. It was horrible what was done to so many European Jews in the 1930’s and 40’s, but why the obsession with the magical number of 6,000,000. Would it have been less horrible if it had been 5.8 million? This seems to be a sort of least-moral-energy (making a physics analogy here) way of thinking, as if lives and souls were merely numbers entered on some merchant’s balance sheet, only instead of keeping track of inventory the numbers are to be used for victimhood oneupmanship. If anyone wants to play the game of “how many persons of ours were killed by persons of yours” then consider the origins of a disturbing proportion of the key/core Bolsheviks, and how many Russians, Ukranians, Germans, Poles, Hungarians (I could go on, but you probably get the idea) those Bolsheviks and their policies killed. Providing details about those Bolsheviks- even though the details are widely known – would probably be a Hate Crime in some EU jurisdictions and this is an international blog, so I’ll merely say, look it up. Even a least-effort source such as Wikipedia has the info.

    The linked article says

    The new study is part of an effort to push scholarship on the Holocaust — and on the phenomenon of genocide generally — beyond aggregated numbers of the dead, and to reveal their inner dynamics.

    Now THAT sounds like a good and worthy effort.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Concerning your answer to me: You’re correct. In my defense, I had gotten a half dozen emails (none from people that commented) after that post went up denying the Holocaust ever happened, and generally just being disagreeable. I was a little pissy and didn’t read the comment correctly.

      • Bacon says:

        You don’t have a damn thing to defend against, Kenny. Fuck those who bother you with unnecessary emails about shit they don’t even have the balls to comment on publicly. Yeah, I’d be pissy too.

    • Larry says:

      I always assume “6 million” is a nice round number. Anyone who claims to know exactly is lying, but the German Einsatzgruppen and the camps kept very detailed records of numbers. Anyone who believes they’re 100% perfect is a fool, so error bars are needed.

    • Bacon says:

      Mike, as usual you make some good points; I’ll only quibble with a few specifics.

      That which, coming from someone like yourself, might constitute a legitimate historical inquiry is all too easily twisted by the fucking idiots to which you refer. Most deniers are generally incapable of legitimate inquiry, both by choice and by temperament.
      It wasn’t just the 1930’s and 40’s. To understand the why of “who counts”, you must first learn the history of the pogroms. Unlike other historical genocides, this one was the culmination of an extended genocide that had been ongoing for many centuries, and was thus fundamentally different in both scope and character.
      The Bolsheviks killed millions, but the Jews were consistently among their primary targets. And although some Bolsheviks were of Jewish ancestry, they were rabidly atheistic leftist heretics who denied any real connection to that ancestry. Their behavior was then, and is today, a complete violation of Jewish ethics.

    • Bacon says:

      Finally got around to the link. Nothing interesting about it at all, TC. Just another pile of bullshit. Just because it’s written in a faux-academic style doesn’t make any of it real.

      No legitimate historical scholar takes the IHR seriously. Half of those so-called “footnotes” refer right back to the same supposed “journal”, for which the author is also the editor.

  15. Bacon says:

    Not surprising, but still disappointing, how many of these comments are garbage.

    On the bright side, the decent comments appear to be mostly from our regular commenters and the garbage is mostly from occasional commenters who seem to only crawl out of the woodwork when they see a chance to spew.


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