5 cops vs 1 disabled Vet in a wheelchair


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32 Responses to 5 cops vs 1 disabled Vet in a wheelchair

  1. .45-70 says:

    God Damn those cops to Hell!!

  2. C.R. says:

    wow it only took FIVE of those heroic jack booted thugs, er I mean “Law Enforcement Officers” to subdue a cripple, I for one an surprised the swat team was not called ! And they wonder why people hate them. A Round of Donuts For All , Good job fellas ,might be a job for you in Broward County Fla.

  3. California southpaw. says:

    Man, those are some soggy around the mid section corn feds there. Is it my eyes or does that man hating sow have one black eye? Someone needs to tell her again…

  4. WoodBurner says:

    Appears to have been a slow night at WalMart.

    Guessing it will get slower now.

    LEO Is in deep kimchee on this one.

    Anyone know any details/ outcome?

  5. chicken thief says:

    As an ex police officer I can say without question all four of these “officers” should be fired. The victim should sue the cashier, Walmart, the officers, and the police department.

    • Joe Mama says:

      No, the four should be lined up and shot.

    • Mad Jack says:

      Thanks Chicken Thief.

    • Brad says:

      They should be hung from a tree right in front of the police station. And left there hanging until their ignorant heads a torn from their fat disgusting bodies.

      And their remains should be thrown in a public porta-potty so everyone can shit on them until they eventually decompose.

      How could someone possibly so fucking stupid.

  6. EJ says:

    I’ll try to be cautios here and say that we don’t know exactly what the exchange was with the employees, what the dispatcher told the cops or how the initial exchange with LEOs went. What I do know is that they had multiple chances and reasons to de-escalate and failed to do so. For that I suspect a couple of these guys shouldn’t be cops. The rest need to figure out the whole work and play well with others thing.

    Good lesson for all of us civilian and LEO alike is to de-escalate long before somebody reaches wits end. If any one of these guys had stopped to say, “hey we got a complaint about threats/trespass/whatever and we need to know what is going on to sort things out.” Dude probably would have been able to talk it out and go home safe.

  7. bradoplata says:

    At least two cops should have told the manager to let him go, then just shoot the shit with the guy until he said his piece and moved on. How there’s injuries and large settlements.

  8. Chris Mallory says:

    Man that dude in the chair could have scuffed the spit shine on those heroes’ combat boots! He is lucky they didn’t fill him full of lead. That fat one will probably have PTSD after this deadly threat.

  9. Ozark Darter says:

    Wow. Just wow. I live in the area and i am not shocked.

  10. Dav says:

    There will be no protests, no burning buildings and no gutted Muskogee Police Dept. These Cops are Fucking Scum.

  11. Brian says:

    My video player is messed up and I couldn’t quite get what these officers where arresting the gent for.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Because he wouldn’t show an ID. He wasn’t informed a ‘crime’ had been committed, so he refused to show it. They called it obstruction.

      • FaCubeItches says:

        Lucky it was only “obstruction”. Contempt of cop is a capital offense with a summary nature.

  12. Cavguy says:

    This should be interesting to see how this pans out. I get the point he was making. However cops been called, Walmart chick is pissed, soooo you going in cause you WILL NOT OBEY! There you have it. Dude would not obey so it’s “let’s get ready to rumble” time. Did you check out the tactical cool gear?

    Fucking sad. There is no liberty anymore.


    • Rick F says:

      you’re exactly right…corporate goons.. thats all cops have been for decades..it’s a damn shame what the kids are going to have to live through, this bubble will pop, people will only take so much…the globalist didn’t plan on the Internet when they came up with how the world was to proceed..

  13. Dan says:

    The “system” has no intention of reining in their hired thugs. Those in power WANT them tap dancing all over anyone who doesn’t bow and scrape before .gov authority. As long as these criminals pinned to a badge face no consequences for their abuses then the abuses will continue. Want them to cease these crimes? Make it more painful for them to misbehave then it is to be nice. If necessary think Paul Kersey.

  14. -jon sr. says:

    I’m teaching my 3 kids how to combat this. I have multiple lawyers on retainer and even my 4 year knows to never talk to a cop.

    1984 ain’t here yet. And everyone in my family knows how to shoot …even the 4 year old.

  15. Miss A says:

    Disgusting. Those cops have lost the ability to be human. They need to be removed. ASAP

  16. If this guy in the wheelchair had been black, we’d be watching this for weeks on MSM, while Muskogee burns.

  17. Mad Jack says:

    Look at the ‘uniforms’ the cops are wearing, and look at their attitude. They’re dressed as though they’re going to storm a hard target, they’re arrogant and stupid. These men went out looking for someone to bully, and they found him. Then you have the piece of work posing as a Walmart clerk. She can’t wait to escalate the situation, and the cops are only too happy to oblige.

    All the police officers involved in this should be publicly stripped of their rank, guns, and badges, then publicly fired and charged with felony assault.

    • LoL No says:

      Ed Abbey called cops “proud sensitive flunkies of the elite”… 40 plus years ago. He warn’t wrong.

  18. GREGGER says:

    Never felt this way until my 19 yr. old daughter committed suicide in my home. My family, as well as myself, were verbally, psychologically and somewhat physically abused. Evidence was straightforward, 4 witnesses corroborating the location of each person at time of death. I was singled out and the 2 investigators wanted to charge me with the murder of my child. I was with 2 of my sons at the time, outside of the house when she did it. Started my questioning with “When was the last time you had sex with your (separated) wife?” Downhill from there…. Never a “sorry for your loss” given by any of the 6 “officers” present. Verified by all present.
    Never charged w/a thing and they were pissed. Fuck all cops. I HATE EACH AND EVERY ONE AND I HOPE THEY ARE READING THIS. FUCK THA PIGS.

  19. James says:

    No cameras and witnesses the police persons would have beaten him to death.

  20. the other jack says:

    complete bullshit. power tripping fuckers deserve to bleed out in a gutter.

  21. DQ says:

    Probably had their MRAP outside, too.

  22. Gaelic Donkey says:

    Lots of angst. Never.any.action.ever. Stop being a keyboard commando until you are willing to cover the coproaches at gunpoint and at least give wheelchair boy a fair run for his escape vehicle. Wear ballcaps and sunglasses to defeat facial recognition and you should never ever park in the Wally World paking lot – ever, ever.

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